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We have created a new version of our logo in honour of our birthday!

Think Profits is marking a very special milestone – our 20th birthday! Over the last two decades, we have not only grown immeasurably but become industry leaders at the forefront of the digital marketing industry.

Founded by CEO Shawn Moore, Think Profits was born out of a business plan written for a Douglas College Entrepreneurial Program called SEEDS in December 1996.

By January of 1997, the contract for funding was closed and Think Profits had already landed its first contract. That first contract was with (now known as One of four companies hired to build, market, and sell the online yellow pages Think Profits was off to a roaring start.

In 1998, Google launched and Think Profits started doing Vancouver SEO and building all our websites and content to position on page one position one of Google search results!

The leads and inquiries from Google quickly outpaced the results from the Yellow Pages and in early 2000, Think Profits walked away from Yellow Pages and focused purely on Google!

From here, Shawn and his growing Think Profits team quickly established the company as an Internet marketing pioneer, helping thousands of large and small North American clients achieve success.

Think Profits are true pioneers in search engine optimization, pay-per-click management, website design, email marketing, and social media management.

The Past & Future Success of Think Profits = Constant Innovation

Surviving and thriving through both the Dot-Com Crash in 2000/1 and the Global Financial Meltdown of 2008/9, Think Profits has battle scars that come with decades of success! This experience, innovation, passion and commitment to developing new business strategies for growth is why many of our clients hire us.

Since its inception, Think Profits has, and always will be, focused on strategy. Through careful hiring, strategic planning, and technological adaptation and innovation Think Profits has built a worldwide clientele and reputation.

On the continued success of Think Profits, CEO Shawn Moore has this to say, “I was recently asked if I could identify one thing that contributes most to our success as a company? The key is to keep reinventing yourself and your value proposition through innovation. Stay out front of technology, revise your services and products with absolute consistency.”

Always “Looking Forward” – Our Office

Erasmus weather vane public art on Think Profits rooftop

You can see the sculpture sitting right on top of our office!

Throughout the years we have moved “homes” several times with our first office in Surrey, British Columbia, eventually settling in Vancouver’s Yaletown. We now own our own office and we couldn’t have found a more fitting location to align with our values as a company.

Located at 804 Pacific St., the Think Profits headquarters features an open concept layout with plenty of natural sunlight.

The most interesting feature of our office is the Rodney Graham sculpture located atop our roof.

The sculpture features a man seated backward on a horse which is perched above a copper weathervane that pivots with the breeze. The man seated backward on the horse is Erasmus (1466 – 1536), a scholar who was known for challenging common assumptions. In addition, Erasmus painted the clergy as educators who should share the treasury of their knowledge with the laity.

By the 1530s, the writings of Erasmus accounted for 10 to 20 percent of all book sales in Europe.

While we were not aware of the sculpture at the time we purchased our new office location, it couldn’t fit our company vision any better. Now that is what you call serendipity!

Very fittingly, our sister company MUJO Learning Systems was born in this office in 2014. Mujo creates textbooks and curriculum about Digital Marketing to help students get real-world experience in our industry. The textbooks form curriculum and are taught in colleges both in Canada and the United States.

Our Vision:  To lead, educate, teach, and inspire people and businesses to the powers of internet marketing and technology.

Our Mission: To make the internet profitable for our clients by providing them with proven systems and tools to help them take positive action today.

 A Message From CEO & Founder, Shawn Moore

Shawn MooreTo My Team – Thank You!

“Over the last 20 years, many people have contributed to my Agency. Many of whom have hung their hats here for years and years. Without a doubt, the people who have graced our business with their time and effort over the last two decades are the sole reason we are here today. Without them, their commitment, or their resolve to learn, grow and make a difference for our clients every day, I would not be writing this today.”  – Shawn Moore

To Our Clients – Thank You!

“You are the best clients in the world. What does it say about our business when some clients have stayed with my company for close to two decades? I hope it means that my team and I are doing our jobs! Putting your trust in us each year, to keep moving your business forward, is a responsibility that I am very grateful for and that my team and I take very seriously.” – Shawn Moore