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As a local service company, you are likely looking for a way to reach potential customers fast and efficiently. With Google Local Service Ads you can reach clients who are looking for your services first and foremost.

What are Local Services Ads?

Google Local Ads, also known as Local Services Ads (LSAs), are a feature within Google Ads designed to help local businesses connect with customers in their areas. These ads are tailored for service-oriented businesses such as plumbers, electricians, or cleaners, aiming to generate leads and increase local visibility.

Google Local Ads Search Result Example

Are Google Search Ads Needed if I Have Local Service Ads?

With Local Services Ads (LSA) you pay per leads that are related to your business, unlike pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, where you pay when someone simply clicks on your ad. Leads can come in the form of phone calls or messages sent through your local service ad, which can be responded to right in the app.

Google Local Service Ads are placed above regular ads, and those regular ads are placed above your organic search listings. Google Local ads are not meant to replace your typical Google ads, they are simply another avenue to reach potential customers. This is all getting to be a bit much, right?

So, why all the options? It’s because there are many different types of consumers and everyone searches for a service company in a different way. Some clients will still want to visit your company website before calling from a Local Service Ad, others will want to bypass all the ads and go straight to the organic results, and some will want to read every review you have before making a decision. This is especially true for higher ticket services, such as a new hot water tank.

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What’s the Difference Between Google Screened & Google Guaranteed?

Google Guaranteed is the badge that appears on the Local Ad listing next to your company name. This means you have completed the screening process and that Google will reimburse any customers who are not satisfied with the work performed (up to a certain amount) for any work booked through the local ad.

Google Screened covers professional services like law firms, financial planners, real estate, and childcare and guarantees the provider has their current professional licenses.

Note: Google Screened is currently only available for select industries in the United States.

Google Local Ads

Location, Location, Location

Local Service Ads show up at the very top of the search results page, above your typical Pay-Per-Click ads, as well as above organic search results. This means they are the first thing a person sees after hitting “search.”


Unlike Google Ads, which are quite strict in using reviews in the ad, Local Service Ads have reviews baked right into the review from your Google Business Profile.


Companies using Local Service Ads have to be in the city that clients are searching for. This gets you clients in the areas that you service and nowhere else.

Google’s Stamp of Approval

Having a company like Google vouch for your work carries a lot of weight behind it. Getting a spot in these ads means you either have Google Screened Status or Google Guaranteed. Find more info on this below.

Lead Disputes

Not happy with a lead from Local Services Ads because it’s unqualified? You can dispute it and get your money back from Google. Through the native platform, you will be able to go through each call and dispute a call if it falls under any of Google’s listed dispute categories.

Google Local Ad Lead Dispute Options

Google Local Ads

Ranking Factors

Your placement on Google Local Ads is determined by your reviews and location. If you have fewer reviews than the majority of your competitors, you may not get enough leads simply because you will be placed lower down the list of local companies.

Local Ad Optimization

In advertising, it’s critical to continue optimizing your ads for the best performance. However, Local Service Ads are mostly automated, and a lot of features you have in an advertising dashboard, such as Google Ads are not available. This results in less qualified leads or, potentially, just fewer customers. This is why we always recommend running both Local Ads and Google Ads together.

Google Screening

Businesses need to undergo thorough background and license checks administered by Local Services Ads. This process is not only time-consuming but can pose challenges for specific businesses if their services are not already listed within Local Services Ads.

Getting Started with Google Local Ads

To be eligible for local service ads, you must pass Google’s screening and background check process. The process varies by industry and location. You can check Google’s requirements by business category here.

Combine PPC Ads with Google Local Ads to Get More Leads

Having a presence in each of these categories will put you in a great position to win that new client over. You can generate targeted leads with Local Services Ads while maximizing your budget by disputing any unqualified leads. All while dominating the market with Google PPC Ads, targeting the exact customers you want.

Let our Google AdWords managers handle your digital marketing strategy. We’ll do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to spend valuable time or worse, money, trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t!