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Privacy Policy

At Inc, we acknowledge the profound impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) has on the marketplace. AI holds the potential to revolutionize content creation and customer engagement, and our team is committed to a purposeful and responsible approach to its usage.

Our AI usage policy is designed to ensure transparent, safe, and ethical utilization of this technology. We strive to leverage AI to enhance efficiency and deliver optimal results for both our team and clients, maintaining a strong connection to client-centred creative services. This policy is dynamic, evolving alongside our innovative work with AI, always aligned with our company values of creativity, originality, and client respect.

Transparency Statement

We value AI as a tool, upholding our commitment to human ingenuity, creativity, empathy, and personalized services. Our internal AI usage standards prioritize transparency, accountability, quality, and privacy. Notably, we view AI as an assistant in data analysis and content creation, complementing human creativity rather than replacing it.

SEO Implications for AI-Generated Content 

Google has made several announcements about content utilizing AI. Google has stated that: “We do not label it as AI-generated content. Again, it’s not whether the AI wrote it, but whether it’s high quality.”

As a company, we continue to follow Google’s guidelines of  E-E-A-T. Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness within all of our content development. 

In our experience, cutting budgets, and moving to a solely AI-generated content model would be detrimental to search rankings. 


AI is strictly implemented as a tool with intentional input from our clients’ brands, established strategies, and marketing objectives. All AI-generated output undergoes thorough team review, ensuring alignment with client standards, marketing goals, and our dedication to creativity, empathy, and excellence. While AI empowers us with new capabilities, Inc emphasizes the irreplaceable nature of the human element in our digital marketing agency. 

We might utilize AI for various applications related to marketing and communications services. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Keyword research
  • Jumpstarting brainstorming sessions
  • As a collaborative tool to structure new content by creating SEO-informed headings and titles.
  •  To organize internal data and assets, such as:
  •  Summaries
  • Meeting recaps
  • Agendas and outlines
  • Personal task lists 

The below applications are examples of how we will NOT utilize AI within any client-related work:

  •  To share data or any sensitive company information
  •  As a source in any blogging or copywriting without being vetted for accuracy, tone, grammar, etc.
  • To create testimonials
  • To create full branding campaigns
  • Logo design
  • Collateral design
  • To replace any piece of work or deliverable in its entirety

As a company constantly experimenting with AI technologies, our primary focus is on generative AI in marketing. We maintain a human-centred approach, recognizing the critical role of understanding context and experience in creating marketing materials that connect with an audience. We emphasize accountability, understanding AI limitations, and fostering an open approach to sharing our AI research, knowledge, and ideas to advance the industry and society. Inc actively seeks partnerships with organizations and individuals who share our principles.