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PPC management Services that will Earn your business a positive ROI!

Our Vancouver PPC management specialists at Think Profits develop and execute highly effective pay-per-click advertising campaigns for clients across all industries and locations. Whether you’re looking to increase leads/sales or just give your business a boost, we’re happy to chat!

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Our PPC management services are proven to be effective with 100’s of Written Testimonials and a 5 Star Rating on Google.
Your Trust and Our Reputation Means Everything To Our PPC Agency!

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Our PPC Management Services

Our PPC agency creates everything required for your campaign, manages spend, and monitors campaign performance. Results will be sent to you each month in an easy-to-understand report that shows you exactly where your budget is going, what’s working, and what could be improved.

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What is PPC Campaign Management?

A successful PPC campaign requires successful management. This means not only the creation of effective ads and landing pages but careful campaign monitoring, budget management, and creating reports that lay out exactly what leads each campaign has generated.

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Do I Need Professional Agency Help for Google Ads (and Microsoft)?

Our Vancouver PPC management specialists decrease your cost-per-click while increasing your visibility to potential customers. We ensure your ad copy has the best chances of achieving a high-quality score, improve your ad rank, and make sure your ads are shown as frequently as possible. When it comes to expert PPC services, Vancouver trusts ThinkProfits for Google Ads management.

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Media Buying with Programmatic Advertising

Do you ever see ads that are so relevant to you, it seems like they’ve read your mind? With programmatic advertising, we create ads for your company that target the exact people who are in need of your services.

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PPC Pricing Packages

We understand that every company’s needs and budgets are different, which is why we offer multiple PPC management service packages with different price levels. See our transparent pricing to find the package that fits you or contact us for a custom package.

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We are on track for the most consistent financial growth we have ever seen in the business! Our inbound leads have increased by at least 3x with high-quality clients ready to purchase. Last month was one of our best ever for client income with nearly $50k in bookings in April. I am absolutely blown away... Thank You T/P!

Ramzy Ayachi

The entire system, program and marketing strategy that ThinkProfits has brought to our table has been a very targeted one.

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A Vancouver PPC Agency That Gets Results

Keyword Research

A successful paid search campaign begins with an effective keyword strategy. We do thorough research to source the keywords that your target audience is searching for so you can use them to help potential customers find you online. We have expert knowledge of advanced keyword strategies and tools to help you discover keyword opportunities that will generate the most traffic from qualified customers and get more conversions.

Landing Page & Ad Creation

We draft your copy to make sure your ads, offers, and landing pages are all congruent to maximize conversions. Having specific landing pages that match each ad is as important as the ads themselves. This sends the traffic you’re paying for to a page that will convert and give you return on investment. Our PPC Vancouver agency will assess your landing page targets, recommend new pages to further optimize leads, and create engaging copy.

Tracking & Measuring Success

We dive into analytics to extract the key data points needed to drive your digital strategy. We set up URL tracking for each of your ads, implementing tracking codes [Google Tag Manager & UTM tracking] as well as conversion and goal instances. Our Google Analytics Certified team constantly reviews the traffic and behaviour of users to track and optimize for success.

Budget Management

Budget optimization is one of the most complex aspects of paid search management. We have years of experience creating and optimizing individual keyword bids and daily budgets and have the expertise to ensure your campaign is performing with maximum cost efficiency.

Monthly Reporting

We provide reports on campaign performance to ensure we are within targeted goals and KPIs. You will be well informed of costs for individual keywords, conversions rate, cost per acquisition, ROI, and given our expert recommendations every month.

Competitor Research & A/B Testing

We review your competitors to discover which keywords, ads, and landing pages are already working in your market. We also check analytics to see which of your ads is performing better and fine-tune your ads to ensure that they get as many clicks as possible.

Our PPC Management Process

Our PPC agency creates everything required for your campaign, manages spend, and monitors campaign performance. Results will be sent to you each month in an easy-to-understand report that shows you exactly where your budget is going, what’s working, and what could be improved.

By seeing your business and branding through the eyes of PPC management experts, you will earn a new appreciation for the nuances that influence your bottom line. By incorporating our expertise into your daily business practices, you can increase revenue and attract new clients.

Our results speak for themselves. We’ve developed processes and resources that other agencies don’t have, and we’ll carefully manage your PPC campaigns to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck. Our business is built on getting our clients more business and conversions, and we continue to refine our PPC management services to get you the best possible results!

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