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Vancouver Media Buying Agency and Programmatic Advertising

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What is Media Buying?

Media buying is strategically purchasing ad space on various media channels (such as social media and streaming sites) in order to best reach your target audience and produce qualified leads. A successful media buying strategy will display your ads to your key demographic on days and times most likely to produce a positive result.

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How Does Media Buying Work?

Our media buying experts will come up with a custom strategy for your individual business that targets those who are most likely to be in need of your product or service. We also make sure to maximize the financial efficiency of your campaigns by ensuring the lowest spend possible to produce the best results. We do this by carefully monitoring what’s working and what isn’t and adjusting spend accordingly. In order to increase conversions, your ads will be targeted to relevant audiences and made visible at certain times most likely to get clicks from your demographic and on the media channels that they are more likely to frequent.

Programmatic Advertising Services

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Have you ever been shopping for a specific item online only to have that item and similar products you’re interested in follow you across the internet on various websites and social media platforms? Well, that’s programmatic advertising and it works!

Programmatic advertising is an automated process of buying and selling a digital ad inventory across a wide range of websites. Being exclusive only to display and search ads in the beginning, programmatic now includes many more mediums such as video, mobile, in-app and social, across different platforms and channels.

Programmatic always implies the use of multi-sourced data involving real-time systems, formulas, and algorithms to automate the delivery of data-driven, personally-tailored, and relevant experiences to consumers as they interact with the brand across multiple touch points. Such experiences include targeted offerings, messages, and content across paid, owned, and earned channels.

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Advantages of Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising gives marketers the ability to maintain a consistent view of how consumers interact with their messages across multiple devices and platforms. The brilliant technology behind programmatic media buying brings several other benefits that are not available through the traditional form of buying online display ads including targeted advertising, increased ROI, automation, and deep data and insights.

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Why Choose ThinkProfits?

When choosing a programmatic advertising agency, it is important to choose a company with the expertise to create an individualized campaign for your industry that targets your unique audience and dominates your competitors. Our team of programmatic advertising specialists not only design and implement custom ad campaigns for your company, but constantly monitor them and make ongoing adjustments to ensure you are getting the most conversions for the least spend. We also create comprehensive, easy-to-understand monthly reports so you can keep track of each campaign.

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