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Best Social Media Strategy Agency in Vancouver Think Social Media Strategy

Our social media strategy services will enable your business to be approachable and engage with customers where they hang out!
Our social media marketing strategy services provides professional social media overview planning and execution of campaigns, calendar development, and promotional content development that you can use across your social platforms. Clients manage their own day to day social posting but we provide the plan and content continuity strategy.

What is Social Media Strategy Development?

With all of the different social media platforms, it can be a struggle to keep on top of posting to every one of them regularly. Our social media services will set up and curate accounts for you on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, X, Google My Business, and any other social media platform you want.

Did you know? There are around 3.96 billion people actively using social media around the world? That’s half the world’s population. 

We will create a promotional campaign and calendrer to co-exist with your day to day social media posting tailored to your brand and develop content that you can post across your platforms to support those campaigns.

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How Does Social Media Marketing Work?

Our team of social media and SEO experts makes sure that all of your social media profiles are optimized for SEO by following best practices in copy and posting consistent profile photos and bios across all platforms for increased brand recognition. We also make sure to use your target keywords in hashtags when relevant.

If your brand starts getting more positive mentions online, search engines will pick up on this and give your website more credibility.

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Does My Business Need Social Media Marketing Services?

A social media marketing strategy allows businesses to update their stories, build a company voice, interact with customers directly, and, ultimately, increase sales and profit. How customers perceive a business is based on the content you produce and display across the social media world. Don’t fall behind the competition and lose potential clients because you do not have a robust online presence! Interact with the target audiences you seek to convert into leads with curated posts that fit your company voice the best.

Moreover, a strong social media strategy is vital for both e-commerce businesses and businesses that do not have a storefront. A strong social media presence lends authenticity and trust to your brand which therefore drives conversions and increases your company’s bottom line. In our strategy session with you, we will discover just what you would like from your social media strategy. Whether it be to increase brand awareness, generate new leads and sales, drive traffic to your site, or growing your audience. 

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What is Influencer Marketing?

Social media influencers are kind of a big deal. They are the people who dedicate their online presence to a specific niche and generate a dedicated following of loyal fans. It pays to have these people in your corner.

That’s where we come in.

We find influencers most relevant to your industry and connect them with your brand so that you gain exposure to their followers and can increase engagement, gain new followers, and associate your brand with the hottest influencers in your industry. Developing relationships with influencers exposes your brand to wider audiences, increases credibility and trust, and shows off your personality.

What is Paid Social Media?

Social media ads are a great way to target the exact people who want your services or products but don’t yet know about your brand. We know all of the best practices for ad copy, retargeting, A/B split testing, keyword targeting, and conversion optimization. We know our stuff so you don’t have to.

Paid social ads are a great way to increase brand awareness, get more conversions, and increase your ROI. Our ad professionals will create custom advertising campaigns targeting relevant keywords and individuals who are likely to have an interest in your brand. We can even advertise to people who have visited your website before, just to remind them of your brand and send them back to your site.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Your online social media marketing strategy needs to be unique and customized for your specific brand and target market. Each of our clients is unique and the way in which we work with them needs to reflect this. Whether you need a lot of help with your day-to-day social media marketing needs or you already have someone in-house who just needs assistance, our team of professionals are eager to partner with your business.

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Additional Services

Social media is most effective in tandem with our other digital marketing services. For the most successful strategy, we recommend implementing multiple aspects of digital marketing. Our additional services include:


[Think profits] get the job done right. They know the meaning of professionalism and whenever you are stuck they help you right away.
Think Profit is handling my social media needs and I highly recommend them.

–  Gurmeet

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We literally wrote the book on Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you don’t know where to begin with your social media strategy, Think Profits can take over all or a portion of your social media marketing. We have experience in everything from grid design to complex paid strategies targeting specific demographics.

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SEO and marketing textbooks

Think Social Media Marketing Strategy

Post Design and Copywriting

When creating content, we examine market trends, grids, influencers
and more, to ensure you remain current and competitive in your
market. We create designs for all platforms, with imagery resized to
the suitable platform size needs.

Business Listing Management

We set up an account for you in our listing and review software,
allowing you to monitor your digital presence. You can keep track of
your latest reviews and check the consistency of your digital listings, all in one platform!


We do comprehensive research to source and utilize the best
hashtags for your niche.


Social media is, well...Social! We help get your name out there through customer engagement. We like posts and follow other relevant companies, or potential clients profiles. Through this, we increase both your brand recognition and build relationships.


After posting content, we monitor it's performance and share these results with you monthly. We track growth, engagement rates, reach, traffic and more.


Examining competitors helps us to understand what makes your business unique, and how we can best highlight and target that to bring you the results you’re looking for.

Social Platforms

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