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Website Live Chat Software

Convert Website Views into Real-Time Conversations that Turn into Immediate Leads with Live Chat on Your Website

Reach Your Customers Faster

How many people are on your website at this very moment?

How many people have a question or need help?

Imagine being able to communicate with them in real-time.

Live chat software allows you to do this very thing! Live real-time chat enables you to provide better service and increase consumer trust in your products and services. Ultimately, live chat can help you increase your bottom line!

Increase My Bottom Line

Why do you need live chat software on your website?

Reach customers faster

Provide better service

Improve customer relationships

Engage with website users

Increase conversions

Increase sales

If you want to provide a live chat experience on your website, but just don’t know where to start or how to implement the software – ThinkProfits has the solutions for you! Our friendly and experienced staff can offer you chat services software that meets your individual needs. Best of all, we are always here to train you to make sure your whole team is comfortable and confident with your live chat solution.

Start providing a better user experience today.

Best Live Chat Software

There are so many different live chat software to choose from. We will help you implement any of them but below are our top choices based on website speed, functionality, customization, and overall results.

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Olark Live Chat Software

Olark’s live chat software and customer data tools help you learn from every online interaction. Whatever your business goal – more leads, higher sales, or better service – Olark chat has simple, functional features to help you get there. Choose from flexible month-to-month or annual plans. Whether you have one dedicated chat agent or want your entire company to log in – with Olark, you have access to the same features regardless of your plan size.

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Live Chat Software

LiveChat is a simple and beautifully designed tool for online communication between a company and its customers. Now your clients can contact you faster and easier than ever before. LiveChat offers a built-in ticketing system, offline messages, canned responses, customer message preview, exportable reports, and SSL encryption. It comes with many native integrations like WordPress, Shopify, AdWords, Mailchimp or Facebook.

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