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What many businesses don’t realize is that it takes a team of skilled people to make your digital marketing strategy happen properly. The same way they say it takes a village to raise a child, the same is true in that you need a dedicated team of experts to bring a digital strategy to life.
Our digital marketing agency will help jumpstart your idea and develop a plan to make your business succeed with a startup marketing strategy.

Business Strategy For Startups

The problem with most start-ups is the simple fact that they are just that – a start-up. Trust me, I know what’s it like to be parked in the start-up pile. It’s hard…so where do you go from here?

In order for a start-up to grow and succeed, it needs a practical strategy in place. Sure, you have a business plan, and probably a whole lot of other plans and goals, but you need to sit down and create an achievable, carefully thought out plan for digital marketing if you want to get your company off the ground. This is easier said than done, especially when you are trying to deal with the endless other responsibilities that come with starting a business.

A little planning goes a long way in the digital marketing world, and at Think Profits, we can create a strategic startup marketing plan that is custom-made to suit your specific brand and industry. Our start-up strategies are carefully created by a team of experts who take the time to get to know your company and your goals. We will create a strategy tailored to you, give you a detailed consultation on our recommendations, and help you implement the strategy if desired.

Digital marketing audit

What is a Digital Marketing Audit?

A digital marketing audit is a complete review of all your digital marketing efforts.

All of our audits include:

  • Website audit
  • SEO audit
  • Online reputation audit
  • Complete review of your existing marketing strategy
  • Competitor analysis (top 3 competitors)
  • Leads conversion review
  • Website security & vulnerability
  • Domain name asset and intellectual property review

We would like to take this opportunity to thank and recognize the hard working team at Think Profits. In just a short few months of launching our first website we are very pleased with the early results particularly in Search Engine Optimization. Our rankings are improving and increasing every month and the results are fantastic. Think Profits is always finding innovative ways to ensure our website is maximized to its fullest potential. Our experience with Think Profits has been excellent. In fact, we are just about to launch our second website!

Resort Quest Whistler

Talk To A Startup Marketing Consultant

Our start-up consultations will give you the tools you need to understand digital marketing for your company in a holistic way. This means we won’t just push one or two tactics on you, but rather we will teach you multiple techniques for boosting SEO and ranking on page one, improving click-through, keeping your website speed up to par, creating a positive user experience for both mobile and desktop, converting more leads, generating more traffic, and getting great results overall.

Our consulting team is made up of professionals in every aspect of digital marketing, so you can rest assured that you will learn the best tools for everything from SEO to responsive web design.

Most of all, we believe in happy customers. That means we put you first and do everything we can to help you grow your company. It’s your business – so take control of it by dealing with a startup marketing agency that has built more than 1,700 websites internationally over the past 25+ years.

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digital marketing audit table of contents

Think Affordable Startup Marketing Strategy

Our strategies can be custom tailored to meet all of your objectives. For example, it may be strictly an online strategy or you may prefer to drill into your full branding and offline strategy.

Here you can compare our startup marketing strategy packages in detail.


$ Enquire

Custom Price
  • Looking for a different type of strategy? Reach out and we can put together a custom startup strategy price for exactly the deliverables you are looking for.
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$ 19,999

One Time
  • Everything in GOLD plus:
  • Discuss CRM and provide recommendations
  • Conduct a brand strategy creative session
  • Create a brand touch points map
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SilverMost Popular

$ 9,999

One Time
  • Everything in SILVER plus:
  • Create quantifiable goals
  • Discuss social media strategy
  • Discuss pay-per-click strategy
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$ 4,999

One Time
  • Digital marketing audit questionnaire
  • Marketing Strategy
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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Startup Strategy Consulting Process

What happens once I engage your startup strategy services?

A Think Profits Business Advisor will book a 2-4 hour strategy session with your team and ours. You will be emailed our comprehensive, Digital Marketing Strategy Audit Questionnaire that will help us get acquainted with your company and your goals.

What is required from me?

Fill in the questionnaire and email it back to us. You don’t have to be perfect, just fill in what you can. Attend your scheduled appointments by video conference or in-person. Be receptive to new ideas and strategies. Bring your management team and key decision-makers to the meeting to get the most value from our time together.

Who will be conducting my audit & strategy consultation?

Your startup strategy is a team effort. Depending on the package you choose you will have the relevant digital marketing experts as part of your consultation.

What is the audit deliverable?

A detailed handwritten report and plan, complete with strategy recommendations and a budget summary, vetted and approved personally by our Founder, Shawn Moore. In some cases, clients choose not to have us write the plan rather put the time into action right away. In those instances, clients have already chosen us to do the implementation. Either way, it’s up to you.

Mock-ups, ad design creation, and client training manuals are not included. If this is requested, we are happy to provide that for an additional fee.

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Your strategies and expertise have proven to me that Think Profits are experts in the Internet field and can certainly justify any service fees paid to your company.

–  Sprott Shaw College

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