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Think Content Creation Services

Do you have a clear vision for your company’s brand voice but have a hard time articulating it in writing? Maybe you don’t have a clear vision and would like a little help honing your brand’s voice? Maybe you simply don’t have the time it takes to write polished, engaging copy for your brand or you are struggling with writing blog content that makes sense and is timely. Whatever the situation, Think Profits has got you covered.

How Can I Use Content to Grow My Business?

Adding valuable, engaging content to your website can help grow your business in a number of ways. Here’s some of what better content can do for you:

  • Boost SEO
  • Answers user questions and give them the information they need
  • Connect with potential customers
  • Build trust
  • Ensure consistent brand voice across platforms

What Type of Businesses Need Content Writing Services?

The short answer: all of them!

All businesses can benefit from content that expresses their brand values and provides customers with the information they need. Content helps to build authority, trust, and boost SEO.

This is especially important for local businesses looking to be found in a certain area, as well as businesses like plumbers who are often found because someone has a specific problem and will find who they will hire by Googling something like “emergency boiler repairs near me.”

Good content that is informed by SEO best practices will help your website get found by the right people and ensure that those people are given the information that they are looking for.

Which Content Writing Services Do I Need?

Which content writing services you need will differ depending on your individual business and its needs, but most companies can benefit from SEO landing pages and blogs.

If you prefer writing your own content but just want some help making sure the end result is polished and professional, you are a good fit for our editing services.

Why Should I Choose ThinkProfits’ Content Writing Services?

Quick Turnaround

When you need content written, we make sure to get it to you in a timely manner. We work with you to prioritize what content you need first and get it to you when you need it.

Professional Writers

Our content is all created by professionals with years of writing experience and education.

Simple Approval Process

Our approval process is easy and quick! All you have to do is look over content as we send it to you, let us know any changes you’d like made, and give us your approval via a simple e-signature when you’re happy with the final draft.

Content Development

When you purchase content development services, you get a certain number of hours of work done by a professional, experienced content developer and you can use those hours for whatever copywriting and/or editing tasks you need done. Use your hours toward:

  • Website copy
  • Landing pages
  • Multiple short blogs or a single long blog
  • Editing already-written content
  • Or any combination of these

If you aren’t sure what you should use your content development hours for, our digital marketing team is happy to give you our professional recommendations on what would be the most beneficial for you.

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Think Copywriting Strategy

Our Content Creation Services

Valuable copy is an essential part of any successful digital marketing strategy. In order to help your website rank higher on major search engines like Google, it is also necessary to integrate your targeted keywords into your copy. Striking the balance between valuable, easy-to-read content that is also search-engine optimized is essential. That’s why our copywriting and SEO experts team up to produce the best copy that ranks high on search engines and converts customers.

We will collaborate with you to gain a deeper understanding of your company and what makes your brand unique–your individual story, your personality, and what sets you apart from your competitors. This allows us to fully grasp your brand voice to create copy that connects with customers and provides value. All copy will be sent to you for approval and feedback before publishing.

How it Works

Step 1: We work with you to decide what content you need. This includes sending you landing page/blog topics for approval and not writing anything until it has been signed off on.

Step 2: We write a draft of your content. After a project manager reviews it, the draft is sent to you to get your feedback. If you would like any changes, we make those revisions for you. If you are already happy with the draft, simply let us know that you approve.

Step 3: Once we have received your signed approval, we schedule the content to be published.

Step 4: When the content has been published, we review it one more time to make sure everything looks good. Then we send it to you for a final review.

Think Content Development Pricing

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