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Do you have a clear vision for your company’s brand voice but have a hard time articulating it in writing? Maybe you don’t have a clear vision and would like a little help honing your brand’s voice? Maybe you simply don’t have the time it takes to write polished, engaging copy for your brand. Whatever the situation, ThinkProfits has got you covered.

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Blog Writing

Reduce bounce rates with interesting, well written blog posts that people will stick around to read all the way through. Our expert blog-writing team will research the best topics for your industry and come up with fresh, polished posts tailor-made for your target audience and informed by SEO best practices.

Landing Page Writing

In order to boost ROI and rank in search engines, landing pages need to have specific elements built into them. Our professional writers and SEO experts know how to create both PPC and SEO landing pages that get the results you’re looking for.

Website Copywriting

No matter how pretty a website looks, in the end it is only as good as its copy. Make sure your site is polished and professional with the help of our experienced writers and editors. We work with you to come up with the brand voice that’s right for your business and produce content that accurately represents your company.

Whether you are looking to add monthly blog posts to your site, are building a whole new website, or need a single landing page on a specific topic, our copywriting team is ready for the job! Speak to a digital marketing consultant today to learn more about what ThinkProfits can do for you.

Content Development

When you purchase content development services, you get a certain number of hours of work done by a professional, experienced content developer and you can use those hours toward whatever copywriting and/or editing tasks you need done. You can choose what you need, whether that’s website copy, a landing page, multiple short blogs, a single long blog, editing already-written content, or a combination of these.

What you choose will depend on your individual priorities and what is best for your business. If you aren’t sure what you should use your content development hours for, our digital marketing team is happy to give you our professional recommendations on what would be the most beneficial for you.

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Think Copywriting Strategy

Our Copywriting Process

Valuable copy is an essential part of any successful digital marketing strategy. In order to help your website rank higher on major search engines like Google, it is also necessary to integrate your targeted keywords into your copy. Striking the balance between valuable, easy-to-read content that is also search-engine optimized is essential. That’s why our copywriting and SEO experts team up to produce the best copy that ranks high on search engines and converts customers.

We will work with you to gain a deeper understanding of your company and what makes your brand unique–your individual story, your personality, and what sets you apart from your competitors. This allows us to fully grasp your brand voice to create copy that connects with customers and provides value. All copy will be sent to you for approval and feedback before publishing.

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