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What is LinkedIn

Linkedin Platform

It is a business and employment orientated social networking service, it is mostly used for professional networking between employers and job seekers. A LinkedIn business page lets users recreate professional relationships online with a visual profile complete with a detailed resume, and newsfeed that compiles business-related information between connected individuals.

As one of the most important networks for ‘business to business marketing, Linkedin has become a fantastic way to find large clients. While more formal than other platforms of social media, it can turn more leads into money. Ultimately, relationship’s matter, and using LinkedIn can ensure business relationships are maintained while content is reaching relevant people to grow your company.

How to Use a LinkedIn Company Page?

Linkedin Web browser
LinkedIn business
  • Managing content – keep those who follow your page up-to-date!
    • Relevant business links
    • Images
    • Company information (products, events, special offers)
    • News or Industry Trends

Using content uploading effectively is how the biggest and smallest businesses ensure they find and attract potential leads. It can be the difference between winning and losing a sale.

  • Paid Advertising Services
    • Sponsored Content – Send your content directly to the eyeballs of the world’s largest professional audience
    • Sponsored InMail – Reach your target audience with LinkedIn by mass-messaging their personal mail.
    • Ads – Grab attention with dynamically generated display Pay Per Click advertising, or simple text

An engaging way to find new potential leads who otherwise would not have used your business. If done well-paid advertising opens your company up to a wider group of potential leads and ensures money is well spent.

  • Search Optimization Benefits (SEO)
    • If listings are consistent across the various social media platforms, search engines such as Google will provide all the necessary information on the front page. Thereby, anybody specifically looking for your company, or keywords associated with it, can contact you.
    • If LinkedIn posts include custom links between your company’s website, search engines are more likely to rank your website higher than the competition.


For business’ your presence is vital to long-term success, every post is an opportunity, ThinkProfits can you help by constructing posts with a variety of industry methods that ensure your demographics are reached. These range from our software with ThinkReputation Dashboard, to hashtag optimization, and curated posts to fit your business.