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What is Pinterest

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What is Pinterest? It calls itself “The World’s Catalog of Ideas” and that is exactly what it is.

Pinterest is a website full of images that are categorized, the most popular images rise to the top of their category and individual users can choose to like, comment or ‘pin.’ Pins are visual bookmarks, that if clicked, will link back to the site the image came from. This results in the most creative and original images becoming popular, and by association the websites they came from. Because all pins link back to the original site it came from, Pinterest advertising for business is effective.

Pinterest Home Page
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How To Use

Pinterest For Business?

Build your Pinterest Following

      • Sign up for a Business Pinterest account
      • Create your boards
      • Cross-promote your Pins on your other platforms
      • Post regularly. But not too regularly

Paid Advertising

      • Increase impressions (charged per 1,000)
      • Boost engagement (pay per engagement)
      • Engagement
      • Receive website traffic (get charged for clicks to your website)Promoted Pins are regular Pins that you can pay for so that more of your desired audience sees them in relevant search results, category feeds and their home feed. The amount paid, similar to Google, varies on your targeting and bid and depends on the campaign goals.Rich pins add extra detail about your website onto the pin, such as pricing, availability, and your logo.
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