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At ThinkProfits, we love celebrating client success stories, and we’ve got a big one to talk about today. One of our oldest clients, MVP Athletic Supplies, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this month. MVP has been supplying institutions, teams, and individuals with quality sports equipment and apparel for half a decade, and ThinkProfits is delighted to have been part of that success for the past 20 years.

About MVP Athletic Supplies

MVP is a local, family business based in the lower mainland. They sell sports equipment and apparel for football, baseball, softball, and lacrosse, and they are known in the community for their incredible customer service. The MVP team prides themselves on treating customers like family–and at this point, some of those long-standing customers basically are part of the family.

They got started by selling their products out of a basement and, over the past 50 years, have opened multiple store locations and become one of the most trusted sports stores in the lower mainland.

ThinkProfits & MVP

30 years into running the business, MVP was ready to take the next step of selling products online. That’s when ThinkProfits got involved.

Our CEO and founder, Shawn Moore, recalls his first meeting with MVP:

“We started with meeting the whole family after hours in the store. It was a big deal for them, as moving online was a big new step after 30 years in business. Their main focus was an expensive printed catalogue they spent $60K a year on, and I thought we could replace that for the most part by going online.”

Shawn Moore

That was the very beginning of our relationship with MVP, and since then our agency has helped them create and run a successful e-commerce store and continue to adapt to technology and shoppers’ needs. Shawn has this to say about our relationship with MVP over the years:

“The family runs like a well oiled machine, always with the customers in mind. As evidenced by Shawn and Sylvia’s leadership and commitment to provide the best quality and selection of sporting equipment in BC.

MVP has been a great client and worked with us through all the global and economic downturns and grown their online presence, serving their clients from across BC. It’s been a pleasure working with the entire family at MVP. We wish them another 50 years of success!”

Shawn Moore

Learn more about MVP Athletic Supplies and check out their 50th Anniversary Sale.