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ChatGPT and other AI tools can be very useful when used and checked by someone who has a deep understanding of SEO. Here’s the lowdown on how ChatGPT could help improve your website ranking, and why you should still hire a professional to manage your SEO.

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How Can ChatGPT Improve SEO?

SEO professionals can now use ChatGPT to streamline certain tasks, which enables them to spend more time on strategy and in-depth analysis. Here are just a few ways that SEO experts are leveraging ChatGPT to provide higher quality service.

  • Determine keywords related to target keywords
  • Determine keywords related to search intent
  • Identify frequently asked questions about a product or service
  • Generate schema markup
  • Build regex code snippets to refine data clusters
  • Create titles, headings, meta descriptions, and content outlines using targeted keywords
  • Help develop content topics that will support a specific SEO strategy

Can I Use ChatGPT for SEO Even if I Don’t Know Anything About SEO?

Short answer: you can, but you probably shouldn’t.

You may be able to use ChatGPT for some basic optimizations, but there are significant limitations. If you follow what ChatGPT tells you to do blindly, and you don’t actually know anything about SEO, you’ll likely end up repeating work that’s already been done and/or implementing changes incorrectly. This will waste your time and can end up harming your SEO more than helping it.

Currently, ChatGPT only stores data up until 2021, so it can give outdated information sometimes. It also tends to give general suggestions that are not tailored to your individual website or SEO strategy, so understanding how SEO works is essential when determining how and whether to implement the recommendations from ChatGPT. 

ChatGPT will also sometimes give inaccurate information, and if you don’t know much about SEO yourself, then you won’t be able to tell what is correct and what isn’t. 

We came across one example of this when we asked ChatGPT what sort of metadata contributes to a web page’s SEO. One of the answers ChatGPT came up with was keyword tags, which Google has specifically said has no effect on indexing or ranking whatsoever. While adding keyword tags won’t hurt anything, it’s not going to improve your ranking either. ChatGPT is a great resource to use as a tool for learning the basics of SEO, but when it comes to making changes to your website, it is always best to hire an SEO expert.

Want a second opinion? We asked ChatGPT this question too. Here are the results:

As you can see, ChatGPT itself even recommends hiring an SEO professional for best results.

Experienced SEO Professional + ChatGPT = Your SEO Dream Team

The most reliable way to improve your SEO is, as always, to hire an expert. We recommend choosing an SEO expert who is also well-versed in how to use ChatGPT. They will be able to streamline the tasks that AI can help with and spend more of their time working on your overarching strategy and looking at where improvement can be made.

At ThinkProfits, our SEO experts have extensive technical knowledge of SEO best practices and know how to leverage and check ChatGPT in order to produce the most effective results. Get in touch today for your free SEO consultation!

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