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How’s your SEO? Many people don’t see their rankings go up because of these very common SEO mistakes.

Content Gaps

Are there major gaps in your content? What this means is, is there information relevant to your website that just isn’t there? For example, if you’re a plumber who does installations, repairs, and gasfitting and you have a page on gasfitting, a page on installations, but no page on repairs, that’s a content gap. Make sure that your website fully explains all of your services and answers all of the most important questions that visitors are likely to have.

Keyword Stuffing

Using the appropriate keywords in your website content is important, but it is equally important for your content to be easy to follow and valuable to the reader. Many people try to improve their SEO by stuffing their content full of keywords, but this can actually hurt your SEO because it detracts from your content’s readability. When adding keywords to your content, make sure that they flow with your sentence structure and make sense, don’t just add them for the sake of adding them.

Duplicate Content

Maybe you want to have a section of text on both your homepage and your “About” page that describes your company’s values and mission. Many people assume that they can use the exact same text on both pages, but this is actually likely to harm your SEO ranking. When Google sees the same text in multiple places on your site, it will mark it as having duplicate content and your search ranking will go down. To remedy this, make sure that the bulk of the text on your site is different. Even if you have two pages where you want to talk about the same topic, make sure that it is worded differently.

Expecting Instant Results

It is important to have a realistic understanding of how fast your SEO improvements will work and not expect your website to jump from page 10 to page 1 in a couple of days. It takes time for search engines to pick up on your SEO changes, so you likely won’t see results for at least a few months. Be patient and monitor the success of your site, but don’t expect an immediate fix.

For expert help with SEO, trust our experienced professionals. We’ll find and address any SEO mistakes on your website and you can just sit back and watch your rankings rise to the top.

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