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Many businesses are on the ball when it comes to tracking clicks, website visits, and social media engagement with laser focus. But, what about phone calls?  They often get left in the dark, leaving a massive blind spot in how your marketing efforts are doing. This is where CallRail call tracking comes in. CallRail is a trusted service that helps you track phone calls to make smarter, data-driven business decisions.

Seeing Beyond the Click: Attributing Calls to Campaigns

Tired of pouring money into online ads or SEO efforts, but never knowing if they’re actually driving phone calls that convert? CallRail changes that instantly. By assigning unique tracking numbers to different marketing campaigns, you can definitively see which ones are prompting people to pick up the phone and call your business. This allows you to optimize your budget, focusing resources on the channels that generate the most qualified leads and the best results.

More Than Just Numbers

Call tracking isn’t just about attributing calls. CallRail also provides a deeper look into customer behaviour. You can see which keywords or landing pages lead to calls, what time of day calls are most frequent, and even the geographic location of the callers. This granular data gives you detailed insights into the customer journey, allowing you to tailor your marketing strategy for maximum impact.

Improved Customer Experience

The phone call is often the first point of contact a potential customer has with your business. CallRail can help ensure a smooth and positive experience for anyone who calls. Features like call recording allow you to identify areas for improvement in your sales or customer service teams. You can also use dynamic call routing to direct calls to the most qualified salesperson based on the caller’s source and inquiry. With CallRail, you are able to customize your customer service much more specifically to individual caller’s needs.

Form Tracking

CallRail also provides form tracking, which tracks every customer’s journey from the first touchpoint all the way to conversion. This allows you to see how leads engage with your website and marketing campaigns before they call, empowering you to determine which ads, campaigns, and website pages are bringing in customers and which ones need a little help. Form tracking is an excellent way to gain invaluable insights into every step of your marketing funnel.

More Than a Marketing Tool

In a world overflowing with hard-to-use marketing data, CallRail offers actionable insights that directly impact your bottom line. By attributing calls to campaigns, understanding customer journeys, and improving the overall call experience, CallRail gives you the power to make data-driven decisions that drive sales and build lasting customer relationships.

Is CallRail Right for My Business?

If your business relies on phone calls for conversions, then CallRail is a strategic investment that will pay off. It’s a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes, from small local businesses to large national brands. With CallRail, you can finally bridge the gap between your online and offline marketing efforts, creating a cohesive customer experience that drives real results and empowers you to take control of your marketing efforts.

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