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Clarissa Parachnowitsch

What’s your job title?

Operations Manager

What does that mean? What does a typical workday look like for you?

It pretty much means that my job is doing a bit of everything. I have my tasks of recurring things that need to get done each month or week, like making sure everyone gets paid, invoices get sent, and bookkeeping is done. In addition to those, I take care of HR-related things, updating all our procedures, onboarding new clients, and then just about anything else that the team needs help with that day. 

What’s your personal marketing philosophy?

I’ve never liked the “salesy” approach to marketing myself. I believe that if you are genuine, have a great product or service, really care about people, and have a great marketing company backing you (*wink*), that’s the recipe for success. 

What’s one thing about working during the pandemic that you struggled with and overcame?

I have to say, I love working from home. While the circumstances of why we had to go remote are unfortunate to say the least, it has been a huge improvement for my mental health working from home. 

One thing though that I struggled with was my work set up, I had my desk right next to my bed, lacking the separation of “relaxing time” and “work time” did get to me. Thankfully I was able to move into a larger space and now have a fantastic desk setup, with three screens and a sit/stand desk. 

What do you do when you’re not working?

Hanging out with my hairless cat, lots of cooking, a bit of crochet, reading, video gaming, painting, and shaking up some cocktails. Also, while I’m not the most outdoorsy BC resident, (no, I don’t want to go snowboarding but thank you for the invitation) I did get into paddleboarding this year and enjoyed having a hobby that forces me outside once in a while. 

What’s your best quick tip for juggling multiple tasks?

Get 3 screens! Seriously, it’s a life changer. 

Work from home uniform: dress up or sweats?

I’m a bit in the middle, while I don’t often get dressed in “outside clothes”, I also can’t be in PJs while I work. I find it makes me feel very unproductive. So I do get ready as if I’m heading into the office each day, but I switched up the jeans for some comfy, not-quite sweatpants. 

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