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At a time when the digital economy is being driven by companies like Facebook and Google, Pinterest is doing pretty well with over 150 million page views and 100 million active users every month. Not to forget that Pinterest is achieving this traction even though it is solely dependent on graphical content to attract traffic.

We see a lot of activity on Pinterest here in Canada. More than 3.9 million Pins are saved every day, which makes it to 117 million every month and over 1.4 billion pins every year.

What do these numbers mean to your business in Canada

If you’re a business owner, you can understand the value of these figures. These Pins have the proven potential of taking your brand visibility to millions of new customers with smart and targeted advertising through promoted pins. While this service was available only in the US and the UK, this has now changed.

Starting from December 2016, Promoted Pins are now available here in Canada, too. Pinterest too recognizes the huge business potential of our social media activities and has invited Canadian businesses to buy “Promoted Pins”.

What Is Paid Pinterest Advertising?

Just like Google, Facebook, and other major social media sites, Pinterest also provides paid advertising options to businesses and allows them to promote their products and services in front of millions of active Pinterest users, thereby getting desired results in the form of lead capture and product sale.

The numbers stated above show that Pinterest has been a tremendous social media platform here in Canada for long. However, there was no paid promotion offer available for businesses. With its launch here, paid Pinterest advertising will prove to be an advertising goldmine for industries like education, manufacturing & distribution, retail & services, and hospitality & travel, to name a few.

Given the present awareness level of Pinterest paid advertising among business owners in the Canada, you can compare it with the early days of Facebook and imagine the lucrative future prospects.

Still thinking?

Remember how some brand pages attracted millions of organic likes and became an overnight success by using paid promotion on Facebook in the early days? Now compare that scenario with today’s on Pinterest.

Do you think promoting a business on Facebook in today’s time is as easy and cheap as it used to be in the past?

That’s exactly what is going to happen in the Canadian market as well. This time, with Pinterest.

What Does the Future Look Like?

The future of paid advertising looks immensely rewarding. Since Pinterest has just debuted here, all the businesses can play it the ‘Facebook Way’ and take their social media presence and scale to newer heights. Now is the best time to make the most out of Pinterest’s paid promotion.

All you need to do is –

  • create a business account on Facebook,
  • choose the HD image reflecting your product or service,
  • choose appropriate keyword according to your niche (up to 150 keywords at once),
  • quote a CPC,
  • put a relevant ‘Call To Action’

And voila! You can start running the ad campaign on Pinterest. You can easily track the campaign performance and conversions, and based on the results, make your next move.

Our thoughts

It’s just the beginning – The real PPC war is yet to begin

Be an early entrant to paid Pinterest advertising and emerge as a winner.

If you too want to reap rich dividends from paid Pinterest advertising in Canada, then our targeted campaigns from ThinkProfits will be just what you need.