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This Olympics has truly been the social media Olympics. There is just as much going online as there is on the field.

The world’s eyes are currently on the 2016 Olympic games in Rio.  Everyone is talking about the games, and even if they aren’t, they’re certainly scrolling past #Rio2016 or #TeamCanada on social media. This has definitely been the defining social media Olympics.

The hashtag #TeamCanada lit up when Canada’s first goal medal was won by 16-year old Torontonian Penny Oleksiak.

Her gold medal win in the women’s 100-metre freestyle made Canada proud and shattered a few Olympic records.  She became the first Canadian to win four medals at a single summer games and she’s the youngest ever Canadian Olympic Champion.

Penny has gained more than 24,000 followers on twitter since the games began.  After her win, people cleverly tweeted pictures of the Canadian penny using the hashtag #bringbackthepenny. Penny’s own brother, NHL Defenseman Jamie Oleksiak, tweeted a penny pic with the caption “looks like gold to me”.

Olympic coverage has leaped the traditional platforms of television and radio. Now it’s possible to stay updated on all of the latest action on through social media. Sure it’s nice to sit back and watch a few competitions if you have the time.  But if you don’t, all of the action is still at your fingertips and all you have to do is scroll through your newsfeed and see what’s trending on twitter.

Even if you are able to watch the television coverage of the Olympic games, there’s a parallel conversation taking place on social media.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been tweeting his congratulations to the athletes since the games began, the athletes themselves have been posting their thoughts on their wins and losses, and spectators have been busy commenting on everything. Rio memes, puns, and funny tweets have already begun circulating various social media platforms.

These Olympic games demonstrate how the media landscape is continually shifting towards a digital conversation.  Social media allows people, and businesses alike, to add their voice to the conversation and make an impact on the crowd. People are able to share in the joy and post their own experiences watching, hoping, criticizing, and celebrating as the medal counts rise.

How to follow Team Canada on Social Media:

You can download the Team Canada Official App and receive medal alerts! Or Search #TeamCanada on Twitter and Periscope, Facebook, and Instagram.  You can also Find team-Canada on snapchat. Now everyone can participate in the social media Olympics!

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