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You can now use Instagram in the same way that you use Snapchat – sending “micro” videos to your friends and followers

Many social media users are shocked by the new Instagram update.  The latest Instagram update has made changes remarkably similar to Snapchat that you would think Instagram might have bought out its competitor. No, Instagram did not buy out Snapchat, but they did steal Snapchat’s spotlight.  And yes, what they did was legal.

Fast Company gave us the breakdown of how Instagram got away with this. As long as you do not copy the entire interface or source code, you can legally do what Instagram has done.

Introducing the Instagram Story was a brutal but smart move by Instagram. The question is – will Snapchat still be beneficial for businesses?

Instagram gives you the opportunity to create a profile, which allows viewers to get a feel for your business before they even start following you. This gives your business a chance to pull viewers in, leading them to your story, which can in return grow your followers fast. With Snapchat however, you do not have a profile page. Users have to manually add the business or person they are interested in following in order to have them as a friend. So with Snapchat, unless someone happens to see your Snapchat name somewhere, there is no easy way to be found.

You also have to keep your target market in mind. Currently, Snapchat’s users are very young consisting mostly of tweens, teens, and young adults, while Instagram’s demographic range is wider. This gives you a better opportunity to increase the reach of your business’ brand.

Although Instagram and Snapchat both have value with marketing businesses, and now have very similar features, I would choose the Instagram Story over the Snapchat story if faced with the business decision. Instagram is a great platform for businesses and many businesses already have an audience there, so why not utilize that?

The clutch decision will come down to what Instagram Stories are going to offer in the future. Will they offer geotags and filters? What will Instagram offer to really set itself apart from Snapchat?

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