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Rumors Abound


Headphones across the nation are being discarded following the launch of the iPhone 7.

Apple product launches have always been a huge deal and the iPhone 7 is no exception. Techies and regular consumers alike tune in to see what new features and innovations will be available to them next. When Apple products are finally released, people come out in droves to purchase the new products. More often than not, eager Apple enthusiasts line up overnight.

Rumors about the forthcoming iPhone 7 have been floating around the internet for months. What will it look like? How will they improve the camera? Will there be headphone jack?

Before we get into the phone itself, let’s talk about Apple as a brand. From its inception, Apple has been a master at controlling the marketing machine. What is interesting about this, is that Steve Jobs was known for continually disregarding what consumers want. Instead, Jobs was a firm believer in the ideology that people do not know what they want until you show it to them. For Apple, this has always been the case.

Fast forward to 2016 and the launch of the iPhone 7. While there are lots of innovative features that people have been asking for for decades (re water-resistant, longer battery, better front facing camera), Apples newest launch has one feature that has a lot of people moaning.

Across the internet, many people are lauding apple for their decision to completely remove the traditional headphone jack from the device. Will the absence of a headphone jack be the push that many loyal users need to move over to the other (Android) side?

Yes and No. People hate change, but like Steve Jobs so often argued – people do not know what they want until you tell them.

Enough of an Upgrade?

The idea of wireless headphones is novel (we probably waste years of our lives untangling ear buds). However, the initial cost of the AirPods will probably be enough to sway people to either switch to Android or stick with the phone they already have for as long as they can.

That being said, removing the headphone jack is not only a first for Apple but a first in the industry. While Bluetooth headphones already exist, Apple’s involvement is going to spur further innovation. Competitors and innovators will, undoubtedly, try to create similar products at a lower price point. Apple’s move to eliminate the headphone jack will shake up the headphone market.

As for the actual iPhone 7, it remains to be seen whether or not it is different enough from the 6 to entice buyers.

One thing is for sure – within the next five years, wireless headphones will be the norm. It’s not something we asked for, it’s not something we thought we wanted – but it will be.