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The top reasons why plumbing companies should consider complementary professional resources for their digital marketing plan.

1. Build Your Reputation

When searching for a plumber to hire, the main thing people want is to find a trustworthy, reliable plumbing company with a good reputation. There are a ton of plumbers out there, and the best way for people to find a good one is to ask around for recommendations and to check out reviews online. A great strategy for plumbers is to include a page dedicated to reviews on their website, so that prospective customers can easily see exactly what past customers have to say about your business. Including positive reviews and testimonials right on your website creates trust and shows what your company has to offer.

2. Get Found by Customers

Perhaps the most important thing that digital marketing can do for your plumbing business is to make it easy for potential customers to find you. No matter how good of a plumber you are, if your website doesn’t come up near the top of a search engine results page when someone Googles a phrase like “best plumber in my area,” you’re missing out on a ton of customers. Implementing SEO (search engine optimization) best practices on your website is how you can get Google and other major search engines to pick up your site and display it near the top of your potential customers’ search results.

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3. Grow Your Reach

Digital marketing is a great way to grow your business by reaching people outside of your current client base. This can include creating online ads that target people in specific locations, having a consistent, engaging social media presence, and maintaining a regularly updated blog full of useful information and tips that people can use. Implementing multiple digital marketing strategies is the best way to expand your reach and start getting new customers.

4. Provide Easy Booking

The easier you make it for customers to book an appointment, the more people will be inclined to hire you. Having a well designed, easy-to-use website that’s responsive on mobile devices is essential. To make booking as easy as possible, make sure that your contact information is readily available and easy to find on your website, and provide form-fills where people can type in their questions, book an appointment, or get a quote.

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5. Digital Marketing Specialists for Plumbers

While you may see the value in digital marketing, as a plumber you’re occupied with all of the other aspects of your business. You’re probably too busy going out on repair jobs every day to spend much time on your digital presence, plus your technical skills are in plumbing installations, not in on-page SEO and responsive website design.

The most common issue is that plumbers will have 1 person on their staff responsible for what 8-10 highly trained specialized desks would work on in an agency and do a much better job with the same budget. For example, the same way you wouldn’t hire a carpenter to build the entire house including electrical, plumbing, gas fitting, roofing, tiling, and painting, the same is true with digital marketing for plumbers. You can’t expect to have your 1 staffer do all of those highly skilled jobs on your digital marketing strategy and implementation. SEO, Pay per click, content development, blog writing, website design, website development, email marketing, CRM integration, and analytics are all separate specialized jobs/trades.

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