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What is Google Guaranteed?

Coffee cup and a tablet displaying a Google search window.

Google Guaranteed is a certificate that shows a certain level of trust in a company through an endorsement and guarantee from Google. Customers hiring the services of a Google Guaranteed business have the comfort of knowing that they can claim the amount of their invoice (up to $2000) and be reimbursed by Google.

When a company is Google Guaranteed, that means that Google has confirmed that the company is fully licensed and insured, reputable, and conducted background checks on employees. Seeing the Google Guaranteed certification on a brand gives customers the assurance that the company is properly licensed and insured and has a significant number of positive reviews backing up their service.

Do I Need Google Guaranteed?

Google Guaranteed is available to companies in a number of  home service industries, including plumbing, HVAC, roofing, junk removal, home cleaning services, appliance repair, and more. If you are unsure if your business is eligible for Google Guaranteed, you can check here.

While you do not necessarily need your company to be Google Guaranteed, it is recommended for those who are eligible. This is because it gives your company an added layer of credibility that customers are looking for. If your company displays the Google Guarantee, customers will immediately know that they can trust your company to do the job right. When presented with two possible companies to choose from, one of which is Google Guaranteed and one of which is not, most people will decide to go with the Google Guaranteed company.

How Does My Company Become Google Guaranteed?

To become a Google Guaranteed company, you will need to submit an application along with all relevant business licenses and/or insurance documents to Google. Google will review your application as well as conduct background checks, and if your company is deemed eligible it will receive Google Guaranteed status.

If you are interested in becoming Google Guaranteed but don’t know where to start or want help with the process, ThinkProfits is here for you! Our digital marketing experts have experience assisting many of our clients in becoming Google Guaranteed.