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LinkedIn is a social networking for a business site that caters mainly to the business crowd.  Creating a LinkedIn account and increasing your customer base is free.  Registered users can make “connections” with business friends and associates.  It’s the perfect way to introduce your company to people in the business world.  Once you build a connection with them, you have access to their network of people and companies as well.  If you’re thinking of a social network for business connections, LinkedIn is the one.

Using LinkedIn to generate interest in your business or company is especially handy if other businesses are your main customers.  Through your connections and your connections’ connections, you can gain introductions to thousands of people from around the world you wish to know.  Members of LinkedIn are professionals with whom you can develop mutual business relationships with.

Among LinkedIn’s many features is LinkedIn Answers.  By accessing the “Answer” tab, you will be led to an area where you can pose a question to the LinkedIn community and anyone can respond with an answer.  It is an extremely useful tool where you can receive answers and opinions from professionals.  You may also choose to browse their profile and invite them to be one of your connections.

With LinkedIn Groups, you may search for groups that are of interest to you and your business.  You may also join any number of groups and be part of the discussions, or you may even start a group of your own and invite others to be a part of it.  There are a wide range of groups that vary from business associations, higher learning alumni, and industry-specific.

The site even offers a way for you to embed a video onto your page.  Provided you have a video hosted on, you can create a presentation on your LinkedIn page with an embedded video.  The video can also be created with a link to any page of your choosing.

LinkedIn is available on your mobile phone, such as an iPhone or Blackberry, so you can always stay connected 24/7.  You can reach them through a mobile phone with an internet browser by going to  Linkedin also has its own iPhone application, which can be found on the LinkedIn app store on their home site.   The mobile application also caters to foreign languages.  Currently, you may choose French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese when using the app.

Please contact Think Profits today and we can advise you on how to use LinkedIn for business.  We can help you optimize your company and business to maximize your returns through LinkedIn social networking.