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The Canadian government will match all donations made to the Red Cross for those displaced in Fort McMurray.

While many people in Vancouver may be rejoicing at the idea of unseasonably hot weather, the residents of Northern Alberta and British Columbia are praying for rain.

While dozens of fires are burning along the Alberta/BC border, the city of Fort McMurray has been hit particularly hard.

In what is the biggest evacuation in Alberta history, over 80,000 people have been displaced since the fire in Fort McMurray began to rage uncontrollably as of Monday, May 2.

Unfortunately, the fire is currently reported to be upwards of 100, 000 hectares in size and continues to grow. Entire neighbourhoods have been reduced to ash, and the current unseasonable weather conditions show no sign of letting up.

Hundreds of firsthand accounts have been shared across social media platforms. On a positive note, platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have allowed families to check-in with each other receive real-time updates from people in their community, as well as, government officials. Good Samaritans have utilized social media to their advantage which allows them to help those stranded and provide food, water, and gas.

This is a tragedy that has shocked Alberta to the core, but the people of the province remain resolute. Canadians, nationwide, have stepped up to help those in need with the Canadian government pledging to match all personal donations made to the Red Cross.

While this tragedy can seem far removed from Vancouver, the nature of Fort McMurray’s economy means that this small town is inextricably linked to friends and families across the country.

As a Digital Marketing Agency, Think Profits has clients and friends across North America, and Fort McMurray is no exception.

Our client Jamie Davis Towing was formally based out of Fort McMurray, and has received dozens of inquiries and well wishes since the fire began. While Jamie Davis Towing left Fort McMurray in 2015, they were operating out of the town for three years. In that time, they formed countless relationships and are heartbroken by the recent events.

Likewise, CCD Energy Services has been directly affected, as company president, Bob Bilida, was at a job site just outside of Fort McMurray at the onset of the fire. Thankfully, Bob is alright, but he’s been unable to leave the area.

The staff and management at Think Profits extend our deepest sympathies to the people of Fort McMurray. If you would like to help, donations are being accepted via the Canadian Red Cross. These donations will help those who have been displaced with accommodations and basic necessities such as food and water.