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Life gets busy and at some point we usually have to miss things that are important to us, whether it is the birthday of a loved one, your favorite musician’s concert, or traveling to a destination. As technology is constantly improving with time, it is making the saying, “I can’t be in two places at once” a bit less accurate.

Live Stream is a place where you can broadcast videos live for others to see, or in their words, “a place to broadcast live events, a place to watch live events.” Not only does it let you broadcast live, it monitors your audience engagement using an analytics platform. Originally, Live Stream was tailored and used for public figures and events, but now with Facebook launching Live Stream for all users (desktop and mobile), it is helping businesses grow and people’s voices be heard.

Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook Live Streaming

Let Your Business Go Live
How can you or your business or school benefit from this, you might ask? Although forums are great, people want answers to their questions in real time. A big way to benefit from Live Stream is to host live forums. Since Live Stream shows you how many people are watching, as well as, allowing people to live comment, you can answer questions immediately.

Facebook saves and posts your videos after you finish broadcasting which means anyone who missed out has the opportunity to re-watch a broadcast. Another great idea is to host classes/seminars educating people about your business or products. Moreover, Live Stream has great implications for the education industry in that it will allow teachers to reach students across the globe, in real time. This easy-to-use platform has huge implications for the online education industry!

Live stream is very easy to use. Here are some great tips on how to make the experience as seamless as possible:

  1. Make sure to have good connection: wherever you are, whether you are using your laptop in your home office or strolling down a beach with your iPhone, make sure that you have good connection. People will get frustrated if you are constantly freezing or losing connection which can result in a loss of viewers.
  2. Let people know you are going to go live: before you go live, make sure you give everyone a heads up. The best way is to create a status on Facebook setting up a Facebook event with a description of topics as well as date and time.
  3. Tell viewers to subscribe: Once people subscribe to you, they will receive notifications every time you go live.

Metrics have also been added to Facebook Live Stream which are available through Page Insights and your video library. You will be able to see the total number of people who watched the video live, as well as a visual representation of the number of viewers during each moment of that live broadcast.

Live video on Facebook is truly interactive as broadcasters engage with their viewers and, if used the right way, it can have a huge benefit for you and your business.

At Think Profits, we’d like to help you promote and monitor your social media. As an experienced digital marketing agency in Vancouver, we know how to make this a winning strategy for your school. Contact us today!