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Twitter recently saw a user growth improvement meaning the company has a high chance of staying strong in 2017.

At one time, many people thought Twitter was dead. To this day it remains one of the less popular social media sites even though it’s been around since 2006. Twitter just doesn’t hold the same social sway as it did in the past.

We’ve spoken before about its great uses for data mining for your business, but there is more a business owner can learn from Twitter.

All business owners should take some wisdom from Twitter’s repetition of rising and declining.

Why was Twitter the fastest growing social media site in 2013?

In 2013, GlobalWebIndex ranked Twitter as the fastest growing social media website in the world. It’s true in the early 2010’s Twitter was one of the hottest social media websites.

Twitter’s greatest value was providing its user base with the unique opportunity of interacting and making news together. The news related aspect was not offered by either of its main competitors, Instagram and Facebook.

Twitter was open and allowed even its most common user to speak to companies, celebrities, and even political figures. It put power in the hands of the people.

To this day, Twitter still has heavy roots in the news world. However, since 2013, Twitter has experienced many hardships and has consistently been in danger.

At one point Twitter’s popularity seemed to have peaked. Recently, in 2017, it experienced a surprising growth.

Why did Twitter decline in popularity?

As a digital marketing agency full of digital enthusiasts, we at Think Profits certainly agree Twitter is no longer as alluring for users and industry professionals as it was in the early 2010’s.

Though it was popular at one point, Twitter had entry problems from the beginning. Many people found using Twitter difficult to understand and had trouble learning the terminology.

One of Twitter’s great values was also its greatest weakness. Twitter’s open style platform which gave power to people also caused it to become a mess of unfiltered noise.

There is so much content on Twitter that it’s impossible to see and review everything. This leads to people feeling overwhelmed and then disengaging with the platform.

What can every business learn from Twitter?

Twitter’s struggles and its lack of profit vs. its notoriety is an often-discussed topic. It’s a topic affecting all business owners because many of us ask ourselves how a popular media site could fail so much.

Here’s what Think Profits suggests we all learn from Twitter’s constant fluctuations:

1.Give your customers power: By far the most popular aspect of Twitter was the power someone could feel by reaching out to a public figure. Apply this to your own business by showing your customers their voice matters.

2.But not too much power: Twitter’s users are so vocal that the platform has an extensive problem with bullying. Make sure you still have healthy boundaries with your customer base and they are not dictating everything about your services.

3.Address problems head on: Avoid making the same mistake by remaining humble and pro-actively solving your own problems. A reputation management system would make staying on top of client issues easier for you.

4.Keep your customers engaged: A Twitter user can often feel lost in the noise. Make sure you are always following up with your customers and they remain engaged with you and your services.

5.Personalize as much as possible: Similar to keeping your customers engaged, make sure you personalize each experience with your services to their needs.


Twitter’s constant flip flopping from forgotten to popular again is something many businesses have experienced themselves. It’s almost a motivational story for business owners.

It takes time to maintain a business. It also takes guts and the willingness to stick it out even in the toughest times, which Twitter did.

Make sure to always remain innovative and keep improving your systems. Keep working and your business will survive.