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What is a Strategic Alliance?

A strategic alliance is defined as an arrangement between two companies that have decided to share resources to undertake a specific, mutually beneficial project. In more modern times, this has morphed into a similar concept: companies give products to online celebrities that help grow their brand with subtle promotions. This more modern way of doing things is called Influencer Marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing?

It’s a hybrid between testimonial and subtle product mention. When individuals of influence use certain products, with the intention of representing that brand and in turn sway their viewership to do the same.

A fitting example would be at school when somebody cool wears a certain shoe, and they casually mention how much they like their new shoes. Because that person is cool and has good fashion sense, you decide to purchase the same shoes.

With regular people growing large followings on social networks, they have become popular with a viewership in specific areas. This has given rise to ‘influencer marketing.’

Why Should I use Influencer Marketing?

This marketing strategy can be completed by a business of any size. Remember, there are many different online personalities that have niche areas of expertise, as well as large celebrities with massive audiences in the tens of millions. If targeted correctly, companies can receive exposure to a wide audience of people who are paying attention.

Let’s face the truth, nobody likes advertising anymore and younger generations actively avoid it. When was the last time you were watching TV and didn’t check your phone during a commercial break? This is exactly why influencer marketing is effective. It gives companies the ability to reach audiences in the same places they spend their free time. It is also important to mention that these “social celebrities” or influencers, have the full trust of their followers. This means that unlike a normal TV commercial or online advertisement, your ads are hand delivered to a loyal and trusting audience.

Next time you’re considering launching a marketing campaign, think about:

  • How you can best reach the demographics you are working toward.
  • How these demographics spend their time.

If those demographics are young, then perhaps influencer marketing using the right online personalities will give your company the edge it needs to sell more products and increase brand awareness.

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