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Since Instagram’s highly publicized acquisition in 2013, it has moved ever closer to the business model of the company who purchased it, Facebook. The Instagram galleries feature is one step closer to Facebook’s photo album.

Instagram’s most recent feature ‘galleries’ is a photo album that gives users the ability to upload up to 10 images or videos. All images can be scrolled through, and each one is encapsulated in a single post, perfect for sharing an event or holiday.

How This Feature Can Help Businesses

Instagram succinctly describes this update by saying “you no longer have to choose the single best photo or video from an experience you want to remember.”

If used correctly this opens a lot of business opportunities beyond just uploading a collection of pictures. A company can take users through a journey of photos to sell their brand or product. Without relying on a single image, turning eyeballs into sales becomes easier.

You can now post a simple “how-to” tutorial through Instagram and showcase how your product or service works to current and potential clients. Alternatively, If you have a product line, every image can showcase a new item available for purchase. Another possible application, companies can show the process involved behind the scenes by using each photo or video in a linear form to create a story. The options are limitless.

How to Use Instagram Galleries

Go to upload a photo on Instagram, then instead of pressing a single image, click on multiple photos or videos. A tap and hold feature enables users to change the order, apply a filter, or edit one by one.


Like any new feature or trend, the companies that utilize a feature first receive an added boost in likes and followers. This boost could be called ‘wow’ factor, it is an impression that leaves users not only thinking about the campaign but the way they received it. This is a priceless quality, and a fleeting one, reserved for those who can determine the most effective way to create an ad campaign before their competitors.

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