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In August 2008, Shawn Moore, President & CEO, addressed a packed house during SES San Jose, the premier Search Marketing Conference and Expo.

The theme was the seven proven ways to get your website on page one organically and how to dramatically increase conversions once visitors arrive.

Internet marketing guru Moore shared the secrets he learned over his 11 years in the industry.

Based on client testimonials, he is doing great by his clients: “Since we re-wrote our website in 2006, our sales have continued to grow at an alarming rate. Our lead count was up by 137% on the same period last year. Our contract signings grew by 608% and our conversion rate increased 40% on the same period last year,” wrote an enamored client.

During Moore’s session, he shared the powerful strategies that have worked for Think Profits over a decade and for hundreds of websites.

One: Get good copy to support the keyword research. If, for example, it’s an appliance part – find images and text to support it. Add video if possible as well.

Two: Pay attention to website navigation and architecture and be sure they are structured so that the engines can index the information. Watch out for careful of certain types and deployments of JavaScript and other search-engine indexing barriers.

Three: Leverage a Blog. A great source for additional content, add pictures, text, images, all properly tagged and formatted.

Four: Build and nurture quality, keyword-rich inbound links. Be sure keywords are in link text.

Five: Understand the SEO potential of your database. Search engines must be able to index the content in your database.

Six: Electronic press releases to get the news out to the media and public as well as the search engines. Be sure they have fresh content and are search engine optimized.

Seven: Don’t forget about a domain name strategy. Many companies see a domain name as a one-off, static asset. Instead, recognize and seize the opportunity to purchase keyword rich, product relevant domains.
Moore’s speech was so well received; he will be appearing again in August 2009 in San Jose and will likely be heading across the pond to London, England to address a European audience.

Stay tuned …