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Shawn Moore, Nathan Kondra and Timothy Serrano are in New York, New York this week for the Digital Strategy Innovation Summit. The summit, running from March 19-20th, brings together dynamic, high-level digital marketing executives from around the world. This year’s speakers include leaders from Forbes, The New York Times, National Geographic, ESPN and CBS Interactive.

The conference focuses on the latest breakthroughs in content strategy, building social engagement, unifying your digital strategy and, of course, the growing influence of mobile marketing.

During the conference, CBS Interactive and the New York Times both spoke about their new digital marketing strategies, highlighting the importance of a strong mobile marketing strategy. “Mobile first” has to become a priority in order get your customer’s attention.  Using live news feeds and real-time notifications creates a sense of urgency and generates conversation.

The mobile focus doesn’t only lend itself to the news industry. A focus on mobile strategy in any industry will help you connect with a larger audience than you would if your digital strategy focuses only on desktop users. It’s also import to consider digital video in your digital strategy. Digital video has increased 50% in the past year, and it will continue to grow and become an important element of online marketing strategy.

With the conference wrapping up today, we can’t wait to hear what else the team has learned at the summit and we are excited for them to return to Vancouver with more fresh strategies to implement.

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