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If you want to learn about digital marketing or teach it to students, be prepared to wade through a sea of online articles, listen to endless podcasts, monitor countless social media channels, and spend time and money trying to find textbooks. If you have the intellectual stamina to go on such an info quest, don’t expect a gold cauldron of knowledge at the end of the rainbow. Instead, you’ll end up with a lot of information, not all of which will be accurate, and much of which will be out of date.

Think Profits has worked with clients for years, helping them to achieve digital marketing success. Now, we’ve partnered with a startup company called Mujo. Mujo is taking on Think Profits’ best practices to produce courseware for adults and instructors teaching digital marketing curriculum. Mujo’s found a better way to get you and post-secondary students in-the-know about all the latest developments in this exciting field.

The company has created a series of publications based on Think Profits’ extensive experience on a range of hot topics including social media marketing, SEO, PPC, lead conversion and management, and more. Their content is based on the experience and knowledge of seasoned digital marketing professionals who are working in the industry. Thus, the information is exactly what is required to get individuals job-ready for careers in digital marketing.

Think Profits has its finger on the pulse of marketing trends and industry developments. Mujo’s content is regularly updated so that these innovations can be captured and made available. Post-secondary institutions that adopt the Mujo content for their curriculum can also determine how frequently revisions should occur. Colleges can assemble module elements to suit specific learning outcomes and meet student needs as well.

Find the digital marketing content you need to increase your own knowledge or to ensure that your post-secondary institution is giving your students the best resources available. Contact Think Profits today.