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I sure don’t. I get an email when it’s about to expire and then I procrastinate. Eventually, I pay the 12 odd dollars to keep it for another year. Sounds like a fool-proof system, right? For me, the stakes are low; nothing will happen if I let my internet address expire. It’s not as if I’m running a business or expect to generate revenue through that little $12 investment.

But I swear that once a month we get a panicked client calling. Their website is down and they have no idea why. We check the servers, they’re fine, they haven’t been hacked, so what’s wrong? You’d be surprised how often it comes down to someone on their end missing a renewal notice.

Nine times out of ten, once we’ve figured out the problem, we simply repurchase the domain and spend a little time making sure everything is properly connected. However, anyone can buy an available domain. That means while yours is in a free-for-all market someone could poach it. If that happens, then you are in real trouble. Essentially, someone’s stolen your brand and you can’t get it back.

Don’t Let Your Domain Expire: It’s The Simplest Way to Ensure Your Website is Always Up

We don’t say this to fear monger, but merely to point out that such a simple thing can cripple your online presence if it is not properly managed. A business needs to be proactive rather than passive. Waiting for an automated renewal email is not the right strategy.

That’s why whenever we begin a web development project we always recommend that the client manage their domains through us. In fact, we’ve gone as far as becoming an authorized domain reseller. We’ll take the work and maintenance off your plate. That way, you won’t have to worry about some impending deadline or anything, really, to do with your website’s domain. It’s the simplest way to ensure that your website is always up and your domain remains yours.

So, do you know when your domain expires and who handles it? If not, who is your domain provider? Knowing that is the first step in taking control of your website to ensure it never goes down because of a domain expiration. If you’d like to learn more about domains, give our domain marketing page a read.