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The following is an excerpt from Timothy Serrano’s presentation for the Association of Integrated Marketers, British Columbia luncheon on More Leads or Better Quality Leads? How to Get What You Want – Learn how to effectively generate the right leads and create successful results by using SEO, PPC, online content and email. When: Thursday, January 16th, 2014 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM PST. Where: Four Seasons Hotel, Vancouver.

Beyond the website, social sites have become fertile ground for paid advertising such as Remarketing where advertisers track visitors’ browsing history in the Google Display Network and Facebook, for instance, with relevant banner ads until they click and convert.

In SEO, trust is gained from being the subject of usefulness in stories and conversations within your marketplace. Social signals such as natural likes, follows, thumbs up, conversations, and positive reviews of your unique value proposition in original, quality content establish credibility and good reputation, creating new relationships and generating more traffic from link referrals.

In short, link building has always been about social referrals – one’s endorsement to another of shared value propositions in the social context.

Social Media has become the new Link Building Strategy.

Orange may be the new black but like all fashion trends, they come and go. Social Media is here to say. It truly is the new black!