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Get to know your audience and target market on a regular basis as part of your marketing strategy

Understanding your target market is part of a healthy and comprehensive marketing strategy. It helps us here at build for you an entirely unique user experience from your website that attracts the very people you wish to reach in your messaging. It gives us valuable insights into customizing your content based on themes that mean something to your readers and viewers.

Fortunately, we have tools under our belt that allow us to share those insights with our clients and, in turn, help them understand their own customers. One of those tools is Google Analytics, a popular website metrics reporting platform by Google for reporting and analyzing data incurred from traffic to your website. And it keeps getting better and better!

Google Analytics can now break down data and report upon meaningful metrics about your users’ demographics (Figures 1 and 2) and interests (Figure 3), letting us see not only how many of your users visit over a date range, but also who those users are, and how their behavior varies by attribute (e.g. male vs. female).

These new reporting capabilities let you see and identify windows of opportunity for improving your content messaging and ultimately your calls to action or conversion; for example, do male news junkies and avid readers between the ages of 45 and 54 convert more frequently than female music lovers of the same age range.

Not all users that come to your website behave exactly the same way. Your visitors come from different backgrounds and inclinations based on their affinity to specific interests. So why treat them the same way? Why not cater to them by building content based on their interests, making your website more relevant to your readers and viewers and qualifying your leads from the start?

Furthermore, these are the same demographics and interest categories used to target ads on the Google Display Network. Use the same insights about your visitors to refine your ad campaign strategies. You’ll be on your way to a more effective targeting and more efficient spending with your display advertising.

If conversion is high on your list of priorities in your marketing strategy – as it should be, perhaps a good understanding of the makeup of your audience will help you build your website better for the special group of people you wish to attract and convert from your website. is a certified Google Partner. Give us a call toll-free at +1.877.597.7888 and talk to one of our digital marketing strategists about your website goals.