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Search Engine Optimization is Changing

If you’ve been following the latest buzz on Internet marketing, you might already have heard of Bing and Google Caffeine. These are the newest search engines to hit the net–and they are taking the online marketing world by storm. Chances are your website is already ranking on yesterday’s search engines. But how will your site fare on Bing and Caffeine? The rules of search engine optimization are changing, and it is essential to consult your Internet marketing team to see where your website stands.

Bing it on

People are already raving about Bing. Formerly called MSN search, Bing came on board in June 2009 as a new “decision engine.” By July 2009 both Microsoft and Yahoo! had reached a deal to co-manage the new search engine. Bing is now considered an amalgamation of Microsoft MSN and Yahoo! search engines. However, Bing revolutionizes search by bringing you real time “live” search results. If you’ve used Twitter, you’ll know what this means: your search results change as new information becomes available–sometimes instantly. Optimizing your website for Bing brings new challenges to your development team. The best option? Contact Vancouver Internet marketing company Think to find out how you can optimize for Bing.

Caffeine can Rev up your Rankings

Google Software Engineers Jenn Taylor and Jim Muller recently confirmed Google’s increased focus on local search–which has resulted in the search engine automatically generating local results by accessing the searcher’s IP address.

While the Internet has become more global in scope, search results have become more local. This can translate into better results for your geo-specific landing pages. But it can also set you back: if your website is focused on global terms, you may sacrifice the benefits of having localized keywords. It’s best to optimize locally but aim globally. An experienced SEO content developer can tell you if you have the right balance to gain visibility on SERPs or search engine results pages. Think Profits SEO Agency copywriters and content developers can reposition your website content to rank well on new Google algorithms.

One strategy to consider is creating separate geo-pages for all the locations your business services. This can lead to great results, but you have to be careful to avoid duplicate content. To find out more on this subject, contact Think Profits’ Internet marketing team for a free content development quote.