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Digital marketing tools are evolving at an unprecedented pace, making it increasingly difficult for companies to know how to allocate their time and budget. No sooner have decisions been made, and a new Snapchat or Instagram presents itself as an alternative marketing channel.

Think Profits understands that marketing complexity is increasing. This realization was the primary reason why Think Profits has teamed up with Mujo Learning Systems to write an all-encompassing course for students and businesses to serve as a guide for what works and what doesn’t.

To bring it all back to the basics, we will be making the first chapter of Digital Marketing Strategies, “The Importance of Brand,” available for download from our website.  Why did we incorporate branding into our digital marketing course?  Frankly, because how your customers perceive your business drives your brand and consequently your digital marketing plans.

Getting your branding correct is a foundation on which to build all your future efforts. Is your audience young, old, athletic, sedentary, local, or international? All of these things drive your branding, choice of URL, marketing channels, colours, font, and a plethora of other decisions. Getting it right the first time helps you to save time and money later.

We hope you enjoy this chapter and would be happy to discuss branding efforts with you at any time. We will also be publishing other sections of the course in the future so stay tuned.

The Think Profits Team

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