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Is the age of disruption upon us? Salesforce executives and top industry integrators dine at Hy’s Restaurant for exclusive talks on the rapid advancement of technology.

Are Canadian firms prepared?

From the Deloitte future of Canada series – The way Canadians live and work is about to change profoundly. Rapid advances in technology are poised to disrupt many of the sectors that anchor Canada’s economy. Canadian businesses aren’t prepared for it and as a result, the impact will be felt across the country.

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In attendance:

  • Adrian Barek, Regional Manager, Salesforce
  • Spyros Katsikeros, Account Executive, Salesforce
  • James Woller, Co-Owner, VP of Business Development, Release the Hounds
  • John Aisenstat, Executive Vice President, Hy’s of Canada
  • Aman Mann, CEO, Procurify
  • Lana Bukvic, Product Marketing Manager, Agreement Express
  • Derek Sather, Chief Revenue Officer, Change Heroes
  • Darci Galati, President, Amore Vacations
  • Catherine Dahl, B.Com, CPA, CMA, CEO, Beanworks
  • Geoffrey Murphy, Vice President, Smartt
  • Kurtis Warren, Business Development, Procurify
  • Kathleen Boland, Franchise Owner, Everything Organized
  • Kevin O’Connell, Marketing Team Lead, Procurify
  • Stuart Lilley, Founder, Waste Collective
  • Shawn Moore, President, CEO, Think Profits
  • Aaron Zuccolin, General Manager, Torq Systems
  • Eric Sloan, Business Cultivator, Urban Cultivator
  • Owen Cameron