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Buy .TEL Domains

Protect your corporate identity before it’s too late

Another top-down domain has joined the ranks. In addition to domains like .com, .org and .net, you can now register with .TEL.

.TEL domains are like quickly accessible online business cards for your company. Your .TEL domain will give customers instant access to all your coordinates, including your

  • address
  • phone number
  • mobile
  • website
  • skype IM
  • social media sites, i.e. Facebook
  • keywords

Welcome to the next online revolution!

.TEL registration is now open to everyone – and Think can get you started. Give your business the competitive edge by registering for this new domain that is heralded as the ‘phonebook of the future.’

Timing is everything

Your perfect domain name may still be available! Why should you register as soon as possible?

Domain names are like real estate in that once they are purchased, they are pulled from the market. Sometimes, they never again become available. Top-level domains such as .com, .net and .org have been around for a long time; but .TEL domains are brand new – if you wait to buy, there will be a decreased chance that your company’s name is available. Generic names such as and may still be available–and this represents prime real estate.

.TEL domains will make you instantly visible on any device connected to the internet. Your business will be indexed on Google and Yahoo! Increase your search rankings and help customers find you.

Call Think client care team now to register or for more information:

604 638 1188 (in Vancouver)

1 877 597 7888 (toll-free)