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Organic Search Engine Optimization – AKA “natural SEO” – has nothing to do with recycling, global warming or fossil fuels.

By “organic” we mean search results generated and displayed naturally as opposed to paid advertising.

Google, Yahoo! and most other search engines carry paid advertisements on their search pages. These advertisements appear when the searcher enters relevant keywords and key phrases. Under the paid structure, advertisers purchase a high ranking relative to their preferred keywords and key phrases. Paid listings are separated from the organic results with the use of boxes or colour overlays…

Organic results are those displayed in the primary results area of the search screen. It is very competitive and quite difficult to obtain page one organic rankings. Organic SEO, through the application of complex methods and techniques, works to move clients up the organic rankings until page one is attained. In order to maintain page one rankings, SEO must continue and owners must be diligent.

Our SEO experts understand how to analyze sites and how to improve a website’s organic SEO components. Among other things, we analyze and employ off-page tactics that are considered “white-hat” or search engine sanctioned organic optimization.

We provide both PPC and “pay per click” and organic SEO services.

Give us a ring and explore our organic business service.