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Who agrees with me? Our Pegasus tattoo friend above should have taken a look at a few other tattoo parlours before he jumped to the cheapest option. After all, “you get what you pay for.”

Lately in digital marketing, many agencies and internet marketing specialists have been asked to build a web marketing strategy that doesn’t only provide amazing results on all the major search engines, but also looks and functions great. Appropriately, a strategy with those goals in mind will take a lot of hours to create and execute properly, which translates to a larger budget.

Our advice (before you make any decisions on any product or service that you buy) is to look at the ROI. Then and only then will you discover the “Real Value” of any product or service… The “Real Value” is a performance measure that allows you to realize the benefit of a product or service minus the cost of the product or service. Fully understanding the cost of any product or service should be met with the question “What do I get in return?”

For example, if you put $30,000 into your digital marketing strategy will you get $30,000 (or more) back? Therefore, think of value as being fundamentally related to the worth derived by the consumer (in this case, you).

Or to put it more simply: “You get what you pay for.”