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As more videos and images of the flooding happening in High River, Canmore and Calgary emerge, we are starting to get a very clear idea just how devastating the experience must be for Alberta and all of it’s citizens. The effects of the flooding are catastrophic for families, business, and anyone who has had their entire life washed away all at once.

We at Think Profits want to extend our most sincere thoughts and prayers for all of our friends, family, and clients in Alberta who are struggling to overcome this natural disaster. Our hearts go out to you and we wish you nothing but courage in such a difficult time.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from working with the people of Alberta over the past decade, it’s that they are proud, strong and resilient people. If anyone can persevere through such difficult time, it’s them! Let this be an event where Canada bands together and unites behind Alberta so that they can recover stronger than ever with all of us behind them.

We should all take a moment to give thanks for what we have and consider what we can do for our provincial neighbours to the east.

Our best wishes to everyone who has been affected by the flooding and a speedy recovery.