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So, here’s a game I made up. I decided to try and see what Google has to say about the A through Zs of digital marketing.

The rules are as follows:

  • I’m using in an incognito tab and no Google accounts are signed into.
  • The phrase “What is digital marketing” followed by a letter is typed in.
  • I have to provide an answer to the results, no matter what the results are.
  • I’m going to be lax about correct grammar in the autocompletes. I’ll correct them below.
  • Each blog will stick to one letter.

Okay, let’s get started:

What are digital marketing analytics?

Google Analytics is the most popular and the foundation that we all learn. It works by installing a tracking code into the head tag of a website. That code tracks a bunch of different stats from visitors to determine how those visitors physically interact with the website.

There are also other metrics applications, with the most popular being, Kissmetrics, FoxMetrics and Clicky. These advanced versions of Google Analytics are useful, especially when you get into the heavy data shucking part of digital marketing, but for the most part Google Analytics can handle the important information.

What is a digital marketing agency?

Well, we are. That’s it really. A digital marketing agency is a business that offers services that specialize in the digital world. Typically, you’ll find a digital marketing agency offering services in web development, SEO, PPC, copywriting, mobile marketing (e.g., responsive mobile web design), social media, and so on. If your business wants to approach and succeed in the online world from as many different angles as possible, then a digital marketing agency is the way to go.

What is digital marketing and social media?

Social media is a catch-all term for a type of web application that connects users to one another allowing them to share content. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and the like are all examples of social media platforms. Digital marketing seeks to use social media as a tool to connect businesses with customers. It also works as a free platform to share any news, events and other interesting activities within the organization. Digital marketing and social media are tools that are used to meet digital marketing goals.

What is Digital Marketing Automation?

A personal favourite of mine. Automation is what’s happening to the manufacturing sector. As the world becomes more sophisticated, robots and computers can do more and more of the work we used to do. In the digital world, automation also refers to the construction of applications, usually web applications, which automate processes.

Digital marketing automation seeks to cut the burden of work in achieving marketing goals. It could be as simple as connecting your various social media platforms together. Therefore, when you publish a new blog it automatically broadcasts itself on all your social media channels. Conversely, it is as complicated as developing a custom database to connect your website to your CRM.

Simply put: digital marketing automation is getting the computer to do the manual work while you handle the important parts.