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Reputation marketing is a simple but highly effective tactic for boosting brand awareness AND improving your local Vancouver SEO quickly.

It’s the simple process of making sure your business is well reviewed online by constantly monitoring popular review sites. But especially focusing on your Google Business reviews.

These are Google Reviews.

The Google Business reviews show up on Google Maps so it is one of the first things new potential local customers will see about your business.

Did you know 90% of potential customers read reviews online before committing to a business? Yes. Online reviews matter, big time.

Google Map reviews of local businesses are so important, Google began showing them in search engine results pages. Potential local customers can see your business’s reviews right away.

For many businesses, the local market is the most lucrative. So local marketing matters!

Accelerate Brand Growth

Searchers trying to decide between two equally good businesses will usually select the one with the better online reputation. The question is how do you ensure that those five stars rise above your competitors?

This is where reputation marketing comes into play. Optimize the quality of your online reviews with reputation marketing.

With a skilled reputation marketer and software, you can win a 5-Star review every time!

Win Over Local Customers with Reputation Marketing

Learn more from the Infographic Think Profits prepared below!

Reputation Marketing Infographic Think Profits 2017

Reputation Marketing is Straightforward and Gets Results

At Think Profits, we can help you get a better digital reputation. We are experts at Reputation Marketing because we successfully use it for our own company too.

Check out all of our Google Reviews! Many of our own leads come from our stellar reviews online. We’re one of the top reviewed Digital Marketing agencies in Vancouver Canada.

Ready to boost your own local SEO results, contact us!