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Don’t get left behind on search engine results! Implement Google +1 buttons on your website today! When inquiring about a service or a product, who do you ask? Whose opinion do you trust the most? 90% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know. 71% ask family and friends. Google has created a user-friendly interface for these interactions across their search engines; it’s called the +1 button. Anytime friends or family in your circles have +1’d a product on Google you will instantly be able to see that recommendation. This in turn is helping Google to focus on its users; this is what they want and are committed to. They want our lives in the real world to be the same experience as in Google life. Sharing what matters with the people that matter most in that exact time.

By implementing the +1 button on your website and landing pages, you can see in real time who in your circles has recommended a product. The button is on the route to completely influencing the change of search engine optimization. The +1 option occurs on all organic and paid listings. The more pluses that a webpage has on Google, the higher it will rank. Users are able to see which pages, search results and ads their social connections have +1’d. The button is also able to implemented into websites.

How will you know if your Google +1 button is generating your website any interest? You are able track all +1 button interactions with the latest version of Google Analytics. The button also provides instant feedback to your interests and shares any content that you have recommended from across the web. When you +1 a video or image it will show you more content that is similar to the one you just “plused”. You can also choose to publicize your +1’s or keep them private, located all in a special tab on your Google profile.

For more information on how to implement the Google +1 button on your website call us today at 1-877-597-7888.