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It was a whirlwind of a day at Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2009 on Day 1.

Google announced 2 major initiatives today and everyone’s abuzz and realigning their services to respond.

  1. Context, segmentation and keywords tree reporting are now available from Google Analytics – If you don’t have one setup for your website, we can help you to measure and achieve your Internet Marketing goals! Click here to Contact Us.
  2. Real-time Search Recency has been unleashed based on the latest updates on Twitter, Facebook and other social media providers – If you don’t have a strategy for your Social Media, let us do it right for you. Click here to Contact Us.

Traditional Search Relevancy now has a counterpart in Social Media for Real-time Search Recency.

We are working diligently in the front lines to make sure that we remain in the know to manage your Internet Marketing. Implementing proper search engine strategies are essential to maintaining SEO ranking!

Later in the evening my team and I got together to enjoy some incredible home grown music at Buddy Guy’s Legends, a world-famous Blues club in downtown Chicago.

Day 2 is next!