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Here at Think, internet marketing is a way of life. Using organic search engine optimization techniques to secure top search engine rankings with Google, Yahoo, and Bing, we strive to garner online recognition for your specific business or organization.

With a long list of satisfied customers already, we are extremely excited to be adding to the list. With new clients Great Northern Insulation, Clinical Sleep Solutions and realtor Larry Rahn Think Profits’ proven search engine optimization system continues to grow in popularity and prestige.

  • Larry Rahn, or Mr. Real Estate, has been specializing in real estate for over 18 years. Working with buyers and sellers in Downtown Vancouver, Yaletown, Coal Harbour, and new developments in the False Creek area, Mr. Real Estate knows properties. Whether working with first-time buyers or seasoned investors, Larry works hard to make you feel comfortable with your purchases. Through savvy negotiation skills you will not pay more than you are comfortable spending on any property. Now teamed with Think Profits, Mr. Real Estate will be the first choice realtor servicing downtown Vancouver.
  • Clinical Sleep Solutions is the first of its kind in Canada. Offering sleep therapy solutions for sufferers of sleep apnea, Clinical Sleep Solutions services the greater Vancouver area and lower mainland. Starting with a sleep apnea diagnosis, reviewing client questionnaires, examining overnight pulse oximetry results, as well as observing overnight sleep footage, Clinical Sleep Solutions also offer a free 30 day therapy trial to help get you on your way to a better night’s rest. Also on offer is their cutting edge light therapy. Light therapy involves light exposure for 15 to 60 minutes per day. This therapy helps to rewire your circadian rhythm with low doses of non-UV light exposure.
  • Great Northern Insulation has been the Ontario insulation leader for over 29 years. Certified partners with ecoEnergy, a government run agency, celebrity contractor Mike Holmes, and Foam Masters, Great Northern Insulation is your first choice for insulation. Offering free home insulation assessments, GNI can pinpoint insulation trouble areas and will recommend ways to fix it to save you money. GNI provides existing home insulation top ups, insulation removal, and spray foam insulation for air leakages. They also conduct thermal energy audits in accordance with Canadian and Ontario government sponsored programs, using infrared photography to identify where air is escaping your home.

Industry leaders in their own right, our new clients will receive outstanding internet marketing and search engine optimization. Think Profits strives to achieve high ranking search results for all our clients. Developing and maintaining web pages for numerous clients not only in Vancouver, but nationwide and internationally, at Think we are excited to see our business grow through trusted client testimonials and new client relationships.

Here’s looking forward to a great new year!


Think Profits Team