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Google Analytics Puts the Power of Internet Marketing in your Hands

As you may know, Google Analytics has been around for quite some time. This free tool is easily set up and configured with a simple sign in through Google services. Here’s what Google Analytics can reveal about how visitors are using your site:

  • How users navigate through your site
  • What your top marketing mediums and pages are
  • Which ad had the highest conversions
  • Which keywords people use to find your website
  • Where your site visitors are located, and how different regions respond to the same ad
  • Where your visitors are being challenged and why – this is reflected in bounce rate and exit pages
  • How much revenue a specific product generated and ROI on your adwords and SEO campaigns
  • How you can act on this information to improve your site and marketing campaigns

Google Analytics is a crucial first step to discovering the power of internet marketing and online success. The first step is identifying your Internet marketing goals. From there, marketing specialists at Think Profits can create a custom Google analytics plan to answer your top questions:

  • What are your conversion rates, and how you can improve them
  • How many people visit your site
  • Where are your visitors located geographically
  • Understand what is the most user-friendly layout for your website

Whether you need a quick one-page daily, monthly report, or a comprehensive executive report presented at quarterly meetings, Google Analytics can provide you with a summary of your website traffic and provide you insight – and recommendations – that you can take action on to improve your Internet marketing ROI.