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Gourmet Depot Canada Inc

During my Website Audit with Keith, I learned: The basic criteria used by search engines to determine ranking of websites. The steps that one must take to ensure that your website appears on Page 1 of Google and the amount of control you can exercise in ensuring this happens. Content is king, the extent to which our current website does not support our stated goals. The importance of a consistent keyword strategy that is incorporated into every page and aspect of our site. The need to change our home page to better capture to attention of visitors immediately – an overview of what we do and who we are in one glance. Stronger external rather than internal focus. The options available to increase sales and measure return moving forward such as pay per click, video, social networking options etc. While we had entertained adding a retail component to our site, we have never considered these other options as relevant to our business strategy.

I appreciated Keith’s straight forward, succinct approach. He gave us a lot of information in a way that we all understood regardless of our level of technical expertise. I feel he did an excellent job of zeroing in on our stated objectives in terms of the audit and supplying specific solution-based answers to our challenges. In short he exceeded my expectations in every way. He successfully ignited the imagination of everyone in the session. E.g, one of our employees is off today and she has already called me before opening hours to say she has already made some changes to our current site and plans to work over the weekend trying to find a way to implement other simple interim amendments in keeping with Keith’s input. While we appreciate that our site needs more work than we can do without professional support, I am impressed that one of my staff was so motivated by the session as to take the initiative to make immediate improvements within her abilities and on her own time.

I honestly cannot think of any recommendations to make this session more valuable. I would normally say that it could have been better if done in-person. However, I think we were all more focused on the task through the web presentation. With the personalities of my team an in-person presentation would easily turned into a social gathering.

I have already recommended Think Profits to two other companies.

Judy Lindenbach, President
Gourmet Depot Canada Inc