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Summer Survival Guide for the Office!

Do you ever notice that when summer finally shows up you’re always stuck at work? It’s not fair that people in an office don’t get a chance to enjoy everything the sun has to offer. This is especially true in Vancouver when the sun only visits for a short period of time.

We’ve all been there sitting at our desks, looking outside the window with envy as the sun is shining down on the world outside. Our eyes glued to the clock, waiting for the time to strike 5 pm, yearning for freedom is not exactly the best way to make most of your summer.

Don’t worry, we have some tips and tricks for you to get your SUMMERTIME SHINE on!

  • Get some fresh air: Close by restaurants, cafes. Team lunches/breaks in the sun, park. Does your office have a rooftop patio (we do!) go out for your favorite lunch – whether it’s fast food or a gourmet meal, it doesn’t matter, but the venue gets bonus points for outdoor seating in the sun


  • Funky shirt Fridays: Start the weekend early in the office, by getting everyone to wear the brightest and funkiest shirt in their wardrobe. Make a fashion statement that’s an eyesore! You can never go wrong with Hawaiian shirts! Always considered a winner!


  • Office BBQ: Nothing beats a post-work BBQ! Enjoy a burger and a chilled beer to make up for those summer nights. It’s always great to way to have some downtime with your work colleagues.


  • Playlist full of summer beats: You’re stuck in the office when the sun is out and the perfect thing to give you a mood boost is to make the ultimate summer playlist! Get your favorite summer songs together that are old and new for your office summer anthems!


  • Quench your thirst: With the heat, it’s important to stay hydrated throughout your day of work. It helps relieve tiredness and can help you concentrate. By infusing your water naturally with fruits, you will benefit from vitamins with little to no calories. So why not jazz up your water by experimenting with different fruits and beat your water blues!


  • Bike to work: Biking to work is fun, plain and simple. It allows you to enjoy the sun on the way to work, makes you happier, and sneaks in health benefits making you wish your commute was longer!