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Wow how time flies!

Hard to believe that it was 18 years ago that I incorporated Think

Some history for you. The business actually started as a completed business plan I wrote over November and December of 96 through a Douglas College Entrepreneurial Program called SEEDS.

January I closed the contract for funding with the Royal Bank with a signed work contract from Dominion Directories…our first project…! (we were one of 4 companies hired to build, market and sell the online yellow pages!) yup you know now them as

I’ll bet most of you don’t know that our name was almost Think Yellow!!!! Would be hilarious to find the old logos for that one! SOOOO glad we never chose that name!

Something else you may not know was I actually wrote a second business plan for a Television Production Company on technology! The premise was to make technology easy to understand for the masses. Kind of like Doto Café or David Chalk. I was ahead of those guys but the directors I interviewed could not support it at the time and I could not get the bank on side without a contract.  Ironically enough after 5 months into TP the directors called me back and apologized and tried to get me on board. I declined and history is what it is.

TP has been and is a wild ride for me. She has allowed me to share my love for making technology easier to understand, to travel with people I care about (family, friends and colleagues), give back to the community and the less fortunate, help educate and train people and businesses of all walks and personally live a life others dream of. She has provided a reliable and safe haven for the staff who work here for many years.

I’m so grateful for all that I have received from every member of my team over the years (yes even those who are not here today) and of course I have been blessed with great clients who have supported this journey since 1997. Clearly the reason for the company’s success is my team of dedicated pro’s and our clients as without both of them TP would not exist.

Thanks to all who have helped Think Profits prosper for 18 years. May the next 18 be even more fruitful than the last.